The beginning of a new GP legend

In the world of jet watercraft sports, the Yamaha WaveRunner has bred a new "Tandem & Sitting" style. Both hulls and power units continue to evolve every year, and in light of this, we developed tandem sports models focusing on the speed of the machine. The GP was created to be the ultimate manifestation of this objective.

The GP was developed with two systems having different engine displacements. In 1997, the 760GP and 1200GP debuted simultaneously.

The 760 Series evolved into the 800GP in 1998, and then further evolved into the GP800R with a maximum 110 HP in 2001. This power was further boosted to 120 HP, however, production ended in the 2002 season.

The 1200 Series was represented by the GP1200R with its maximum 145 HP in four seasons between 2000 and 2003, then in the same year, the GP1300R with a more powerful 156 maximum HP engine was born and reigned as the speed star among Yamaha WaveRunners. At that time, the technological trend occurring in the PWC industry was moving from 2-cycle to 4-cycle engines, however, as interest in the environment was high, production of this series was ended in 2008.

With its legendary status of fastest WaveRunner, the GP name disappeared from the lineup.

1998 1200GP
1998 800GP
1998 760GP
1999 1200GP
1999 800GP
2000 GP1200R
2001 GP1200R
2001 GP800R
2001 GP760
2003 GP1300R
2003 GP1200R
2004 GP1300R
2004 GP800R
2005 GP1300R
2007 GP1300R
2008 GP1300R

Then, nearly 10 years later in the 2017 season, the GP re-emerged in the market. The GP1800 is now the fastest three-seater, four-cycle engine WaveRunner on the market. A new GP legend has been born.