This is GP

The winning machine
Performance hero

The revival of the GP has been driven by the desire to satisfy riders who are seeking pure speed in a PWC.
Yamaha did not aim to build a machine in which speed simply depends on engine power, but one that is fast in any scenario.
In other words, we pushed to improve speed performance across the board, from startup and acceleration to maximum speed and cornering.
For this reason, Yamaha integrated the most powerful engine into the lightest hull.
Of course it was not simply a combination of them, and conflicting factors such as the similarity to the GP in terms of overwhelming speed coming from engine power and the characteristics of Yamaha machines including riding comfort and maneuverability were implemented simultaneously.
The GP1800 is the "Performance Hero".

When compared to the conventional FZS SVHO model with its 1.8-liter displacement engine, which this model also has, the new model is 12 kg lighter.
This lighter weight has improved overall acceleration.
As the VXR with its NA engine that is the same size as that of the GP was built from "NanoXcel 2" ultralight material, the same weight reduction was achieved despite the greater weight of the more powerful engine.
Also, the mechanical reverse system used for the FZS and the QSTC (Quick Shift Trim System) for vertical control of the jet nozzle were changed to the "RiDE" (electronic reverse and deceleration)and "E-trim" system. This has subsequently improved maneuverability.

In this way, the GP1800 was born.
The objective behind the development of the GP1800 was to develop a high-performance machine that can "win" due to its compact size and excellent maneuverability.
The same hull design as that of the lightweight VXR sports model was adopted, the machine’s weight was reduced due to integration of "NanoXcel 2" ultralight material, a φ160 high-pressure pump was used, and the sponson mounting angle was changed. As a result, aggressive driving performance that lives up to the GP name and riding comfort that supports performance were realized.
"I want to ride faster than anyone" - The machine was developed to respond to a pure demand for speed.

It is not the machine that can simply "win" but a machine that can "win" while also being visually appealing.

As key characteristics of WaveRunners, superb driving performance such as maneuverability and the feeling when accelerating are essential factors. This is one more reason that the GP name has been given to the most powerful WaveRunner.

Meanwhile, a secret is hidden in the sporty design of the GP1800.
First, when we look back at past GP series, we see that "mass forward design" (where the overall center of gravity is moved forward) is introduced from time to time. This design also invokes the pre-start posture of an athlete before the start gun fires. As mentioned above, the advanced attention to detail has helped create a sharp form that cuts through wind and waves with powerful acceleration. In order to express this agile (or crisp) style, colors have been positioned with afterimage motifs running from the front to the rear of the hull. We aimed to incorporate a design concept that is common to all our products, that is, to create a dynamic sense of motion while still keeping the characteristics of the GP.

In particular, the appearance of the front of the machine has been designed to look like a "glare". The muscle-like shapes incorporated into the design shows the depths we have gone to achieve speed, not to mention the machine’s overall presence that is similar to that of a predator calmly aiming at its prey. As mentioned above, the GP1800 has all the characteristics of a champion such as a lightweight hull, high engine output, and careful attention to details. In order to create this design, we positioned a depth edge at the front and sides of the hull that flows along both sides. This machine’s design has been reborn to produce more speed and greater style in order to add a new historic milestone to the GP’s history.