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PoP/SIP Application

High-Level Combination of SMT and Semiconductor Technology. Advanced Hybrid Assembly

PoP/SIP Application
PoP/SIP Application
  • 8 in-line multi-heads bonding at a high speed and with high accuracy
  • Applicable to various types of components
  • Applicable to a wide area of 460mm-long and 330mm-wide
  • Capable of bonding at any angle
  • Usable for flux transfer


PoP/SIP Application
Head Specifications 8in-line multi heads,Applicable bonding angle:0 degree to 360 degree L460 x W330mm
Bonding available area 3σ<30μm
Printing accuracy CHIP components □1 to □10mm
Applicable components specification SMT components 0402 to □31mm
CHIP components:Max 60 types
Number supplying components types SMT components:Max 48 types(converted in 8mm tape)
* About details, please consult us separately.
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.
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