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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Industrial robots (Electric actuators)


High Speed and Accurate Base Machine「YSC0」



includes Robot Controller and can accommodate AOI, 3D printing, Dispensing, Die Bonding and more.


01High-Precision in a Solid Frame

A highly solid and rigid frame provides high precision in a variety of work applications.

  • Y-axis straightness Less than +/-5µm
  • Y-axis parallelism Less than +/-5µm
  • X-axis straightness Less than +/-5µm
    Actual values may differ
High-Precision in a Solid Frame

02Common Universal Structure

The YSC0’s Common Universal Structure serves as an ideal base machine in automated systems. It allows customers more time to develop applications rather than wasting time to build individual framed units.

Common Universal Structure

03Simple & Flexible Modular System

The internal robot controller, which supports most Yamaha robots, allows simple and flexible system configurations and a wide variety of applications.

>Simple & Flexible Modular System

04Expedited Ex-Factory

Our Assemble-to-Order” system provides product customization for speedy ex-factory.

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