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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Industrial robots (Electric actuators)

SCARA robots YKX series

Completely eliminating belts and further strengthening drive systems realizes the industry's shortest cycle time.


SCARA robots YKX series

High speed, high accuracy, and high rigidity at the industry's top level

  • Arm length:
    250mm to 1000mm
  • Maximum payload:
    21kg (YKX600, YKX800, YKX1000)
  • Standard cycle time:
    0.28sec (YKX250,YKX400)


01High speed and high rigidity

YAMAHA's unique structure of directly coupled motor and reduction gears (completely eliminating belts) and strengthened drive system brings about even higher rigidity and high speed motion.
This improves the practical motion performances with a tool and work piece actually held in place. The model with 400 mm arm length achieves the standard cycle time of 0.28 second that is proudly the shortest in the industry.*

According to YAMAHA's survey: Standard cycle time of model with 400 mm arm length – 0.28 second

02Connection cables completely separated from robot main body

The robot connection cables are easily detachable from the robot main body. This makes it easy to install robots and to change cable length.
The robot arm is designed to have utility space and installation screws to hook up peripheral devices such as user tools. Besides, the robot has internal electrical wiring and pneumatic piping as the standard features that can accommodate a variety of possible applications including pneumatic devices, solenoid valves, and camera devices. This facilitates you to introduce a robotics system.

03No need to return to origin / Compatible with absolute position system without battery replacement

The motor is made to the specification of complete absolute position system.
You do not have to return the units to their origins after the trans-installation or startup, contributing to significantly decreasing man-hours.
Equipped with the absolute position system requiring no battery replacement, you do not have to replace the battery.

04Maintenance free

All the articulated joints are directly coupled with the motor reduction gears without using belts and other elements at all. This eliminates periodic burden of taking up belts and helps maintain the high accuracy for a long period of time.

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