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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Industrial robots

YA SERIES 6-axis

New Yamaha multi-axis articulated robots are available. Ideal for constructing compact cells, for moving or assembling small parts, and for performing inspection processes.

YA SERIES 6-axis

YA SERIES 6-axis6-axis robots

Reduce personnel, increase productivity
Construct compact cells. Transport and assemble small parts. Inspection processing.

  • S-axis:
    Rotate the body horizontally
  • L-axis:
    Move the body forward/backward
  • U-axis:
    Move the arm up/down
  • R-axis:
    Rotate the arm
  • B-axis:
    Move the tip of the arm up/down
  • T-axis:
    Rotate the tip of the arm7


01High-speed operation reduces cycle time

Thanks to a faster control frequency in the YAC100 controller and hand vibration suppression function, these robots achieve the highest operating speed in their class. From supply, assembly, inspection, and packing to palletization, all applications can enjoy shorter cycle time and improved productivity.


02Workpieces with a high wrist load are also supported

With a wrist section that has the highest allowable moment of inertia in its class, these robots can support jobs involving a high wrist load, or simultaneous handling of multiple workpieces.

03Dramatically reduce line setup time with a simulator

We provide software that lets you use 3D CAD data to construct a production facility in virtual space in a personal computer, and easily perform engineering tasks such creating programs and checking for robot interference. Teaching can be performed even before the actual production line is completed, dramatically reducing line startup time.
*Optional support

・Interference checking ・program

Various data

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