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Support software VIP+(PLUS) Functions

Introduces the Support software VIP+(PLUS) Functions



01Easy to use

With a number of robot operation items provided on one screen, any operator can operate easily without memorizing the menu construction.

Easy to use

02Programming editing

The program, point, parameter, shift, and hand can be edited on the PC alone. Equipped with the function selector having the command searching function which enables to input the robot language with ease.

Programming editing

03Data check function

Provided with the equivalent data check function to that of a robot controller, it is possible to correct data errors before operation.

Data check function

04Help function

When more information is needed during operation, press the [F1] or [HELP] key, and the help screen will appear.

Help function

05Robot operation

By connecting PC and controller with communication cable, robot operation will be available by the on-line command.

Robot operation

06On-line editing

Connecting a PC and the controller with a communication cable enable to edit data from robot controllers just as with RPB / RPB-E.

On-line editing

07Creating point data

There are three methods available for creating the point data.

MDI (Manual Data Input) teaching
The numeric keyboard is used to enter position coordinate data directly.

MDI (Manual Data Input) teaching

Remote teaching
The robot arm is actually moved to the target position using the keys for point data registration.

Remote teaching

Direct teaching
The robot arm is manually moved to the target position with the servo motors off for point data registration.

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