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Industrial robots (Electric actuators)

Applicable to RCX240/RCX240S controller EtherNet/IP

RCX240/RCX240S controller is applicable to the field network "EtherNet/IP".


  • Option unit with networking functions that can be incorporated in YAMAHA robot controllers, RC240 / RCX240S.
  • High-speed transfer of massive data to and from peripheral devices at 100Mbps.
  • As connection of the robot system and the sequencer requires only 100-Base TX cable, it is possible to reduce wiring of the entire system, which contributes to efficient wiring work, reduction of installation and maintenance costs, etc.
  • Capable of simulating serial operation of parallel I/O. With this function set properly, it is possible to control various I/O units connected to the parallel I/O of the robot controller, such as sensor and relay from the sequencer side without using the robot program, as if they are I/Os of the EtherNet/IPTM system.
  • Minimal equipment wiring streamlines wiring tasks and helps cut equipment installation and maintenance costs.


Spec. Item \ Model EtherNet/IP compatible module
Controller model RCX240/RCX240S
Software version HOST : Ver.10.64 or higher
VIP+ : Ver.2.5.0 or higher
Network specifications Conforms to Ethernet (IEEE 802.3).
Applicable EtherNet/IP specifications Volume 1 : Common Industrial protocol (CIPTM) Edition 3.8
Volume 2 : EtherNet/IP Adaptation Edition 1.9
Device type Generic Device (Device No. 43)
Data size 48 bytes each for input/output
Transmission speed 10 Mbps/100 Mbps
Connector specifications RJ-45 connector (8-pole modular connector) 1 port
Cable specifications Refer to “4.1. LAN cable” in Chapter 2 of this guide
Max. cable length 100 m
EtherNet/IPTM input/output points*1 Input
(48 bytes in total)
byte 0-3
byte 4-31
Dedicated word input : 2 words
General purpose word input : 14 words
byte 32-33
byte 34-47
Dedicated bit input : 16 points
General-purpose bit input : 96 points
(48 bytes in total)
byte 0-3
byte 4-31
Dedicated word output : 2 words
General-purpose word output : 14 words
byte 32-33
byte 34-47
Dedicated bit output : 16 points
General-purpose bit output : 96 points
Parallel external input Regardless of the robot program, the master module and up to four ports can be controlled using the emulated serialization function.
Settings, such as IP address The settings are made with the programming box (RPB) or VIP+
(via a COM port or telnet).
Monitor LEDs Activity, Network Status, Link, Module Status
CPU BOARD ASSY KX0-M4210-2XX (Refer to “3. Installing into the robot controller” in Chapter 1 of this guide.)
Controller’s I/O update intervals are 10 ms at shortest, but actual I/O update intervals may vary depending on the update time for the master station.


Function Supported Note
Remote command
I/O command
Online command × Connect to COM port (RS-232C) or add an EtherNet board (telnet).
Connection to VIP+ ×

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