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Histroic models and technologies

Introducing epoch-making Yamaha outboard models and technology

Technology and products born of passion and experience

The more than 50-year history of Yamaha outboard motors has seen the birth of many outstanding models and innovative technologies. While some models continued to evolve and progress in performance through model changes introducing new technologies and features, others remained unchanged and continued to be used and loved for specific conditions and uses for decades. In either case, their popularity was unquestionably the result of outstanding performance, reliability and durability. In this corner we introduce such famous models and the exceptional technologies they featured.

The 2-stroke outboards
About the lineup of 2-stroke Yamaha outboards used and loved by people around the world
The long-selling "85A"
Why the 2-stroke outboard 85A has been used and loved by people worldwide for 30 years
The 4-stroke outboards
Yamaha 4-stroke outboards packed with years of technological innovations
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