Edition No.176June 2021Edition No.176

Since last year, the coronavirus ran rampant all over the world, and in response, we temporarily suspended publishing Chantey.
We are now pleased to announce that Web Chantey has started.
We will continue to provide information and use Chantey as a communication tool to connect the global Yamaha marine families.
Please stay tuned for future updates.

Message from Yamaha

Marine Business Unit

Katsuya Iida

Senior General Manager of Marketing Section

Hello everyone.
My name is Katsuya Iida.
I am the Senior General Manager of YMC Marine Marketing Section.

First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for your business with us under unpredicted business environment we are facing now.
Last year, Covid-19 decreased worldwide economic activity.
And the sales and production in marine business were also significantly affected. At first, the economy was stagnant, and people’s movement was restricted. However, people in developed countries eventually realized taking part in marine leisure activities. The pessimistic situation has drastically changed, resulting in demand recovering sharply.
Therefore the demand outpaced the supply. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused our distributors, dealers and customers.
We are working hard to improve our supply chain throughout the entire company. We appreciate your understanding.

Let’s move on to our Long-term vision. In 2018, we decided on a now vision which is… “Reliable and rich marine life”.
We will proceed with the CASE strategy for our marine business to make our vision come true. The purpose of promoting CASE strategy is to transform our customer’s marine life into a more safe and comfortable experience by using cutting-edge technology.
Keywords are safety, comfortable and new experience.

First, upper left is Connected, which provides safety.
Last year, we introduced “Helm Link” to detect quality problems early, prevent problems and improve customer service. Unlike on land, connections on water provide a sense of security.
Second, upper right is Autonomous, which provides safety and comfort.
Last year, we launched a boat control system, “Helm Master EX” developed by ourselves. We will aim to build an autonomous driving system by upgrading it and adding more functions.
Third, Lower right is Electric, which provides comfort.
The system will offer a quiet propulsion unit powered by electric motor.
In addition, we will combine engine and electric power to create a hybrid system giving more comfort and increase value for the customers.
Lastly, lower left is Shared. It provides new marine experience.
We will give more marine experiences through our sharing platform.
Last year, we started feasibility study to decide if it can be developed overseas.

CASE is not established independently. Combining these four categories into one system will provide excellent value to our customers with a safety, comfortable and new marine experience. Keeping in line with CASE strategy for our marine business, let’s take on the challenge together for sustainable growth.
Thank you very much.

Masafumi Suzuki

General Manager of Marketing Division

Hello everyone. My name is Masafumi Suzuki from YMC, the General Manager of Marine Marketing Division. I‘d like to thank everyone for working hard every day, marketing Yamaha marine products.

I‘d like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your families for enduring the hardships in an unprecedented time that the COVID pandemic brought us. I wish everyone good health.
Though we stopped publishing the marine information magazine "Chantey" last year, we are happy to start a web version of Chantey this year. We are looking forward to connecting with the Yamaha family through Chantey.

Regarding our business, we've been having a product shortage of Outboard Motors, WaveRunners, and SportBoats throughout the world since last summer due to the undeniable impact of COVID-19. I apologize for any trouble this caused. When COVID first started, we responded by shutting down our factories. After that, demand for our products suddenly returned, however, we were unable to fill it, which led to a shortage.
From the 4th quarter of 2020, our factories have been operating at normal levels. We are currently facing a problem worldwide in our supply chain relating to acquiring parts. We are also unable to secure enough shipping containers as well as container ships, creating more difficulties than ever before.
At YMC, we are doing our best to solve the problems quickly and respond to everyone's requests as soon as possible. We ask for your cooperation and effort to minimize the customers' inconveniences in your respective countries.

I would like to talk about our daily work life. To prevent COVID from spreading, we have limited our movements. Therefore, it is hard to travel to check the status of the overseas markets and meet everyone face-to-face. Even in this unfortunate situation, Yamaha's primary focus has not changed, which is the 3S, Sales, Service, and Spare Parts.
On the positive side, our communication has increased, for example, we regularly hold online meetings using Microsoft Teams. We have also introduced remote training and virtual boat shows. As a result, the business style is evolving. I believe all of these activities will contribute to a stronger 3S once we are back to normal. We will create a new normal in marketing, and let's continue to innovate.

Although we are in uncertain and challenging times, let's keep working together to overcome for a brighter future.
Thank you very much.

Koichi Isozaki

General Manager of Service Division

Hello everyone.
First of all, I would like to introduce myself.I am Koichi Isozaki.
I have been working as general manager of YMC marine service since last July.
My previous work is developing marine engine like F70, F300, F115 and so on.Nice to meet you.

First, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all of you for the tireless efforts every day in taking good care of customers at your locations.
As you know, it is challenging to provide services due to COVID-19.
I am grateful for your performance during this situation. Thank you so much again.

Today, I would like to talk about our corporate philosophy “Creating Kando”. What is Kando?
Our corporate defines that Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.
When I became the marine service general manager, I considered Kando as service.
My answer is this. “ Kando is LOVE.”
Love has many meanings, but for us who provide services, “Love” is to wish customers happiness through actions such as realizing customer's latent requests.”
When the wish & actions reaches customers, and we can see the customer’s reaction, we feel Kando together.

To create Kando, we first need to build relationship with trust. To build trust, there are 4 points.
1st is conducting appropriate service like accurate maintenance that suits the boat situation.
2nd is expeditious service, like a quick solution to the problem.
3rd is polite service like a kind suggestion about the boat maintenance.
Last is good communication with customers, like fully understanding each other.
Kando is created by adding LOVE to a relationship with trust. We would like you to do these 4 points to create Kando.
Let’s create Kando together!

This year, we have officially introduced the HELM MASTER EX..
How about HELM MASTER EX? Can HELM MASTER EX create Kando ?
The answer is yes.
We believe HELM MASTER EX can make people happy. It has great benefits.
Again, let’s deliver Kando to customers together!
That’s all. Thank you.

Overseas Market Development Operations(OMDO) 

Nobuhiko Saito

Executive General Manager

Hello, everyone. My name is Nobuhiko Saito. I am the Executive General Manager of OMDO.
First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the distributors for your endeavors and contributions on Yamaha business, even in a considerably severe situation during the COVID crisis

Last year, outboard motors demand for tourism decreased due to the spread of COVID in whole OMDO territory, nevertheless, in fact, there were steady demands in other two segments. One was in the "Fishery Industry" to provide foods for their lives. Another is in "transportations" to contribute their infrastructure. These phenomena again reminded us of the strong responsibility to supply our products for their daily lives. However, the outboard motors supply has been insufficient since the second half of last year. I apologize to cause you inconvenience and promises to do our best to catch up your requirements.

This year 2021, it is 30th anniversary since OMDO has been established in 1991, furthermore, it has been 40 years since Overseas Project Office, which is known as a start of OMDO, we have been working with our distributors on 3S, which is sales, service, and spare parts, under the slogan "field-oriented activities."
As you well know, in 2015, in order to further enhance the customer satisfaction and improve the presence of YAMAHA brands, OMDO has named and launched these collaborated activities as "Go Beyond Caravan."
OMDO members are not able to visit each market because COVID is still spreading all over the world, even under these circumstances, some distributors have conducted effective marketing activities, including Go Beyond Caravan for the customers. We sincerely appreciate all the hard work they did.

Today, I would like to introduce Ela Motors of Papua New Guinea who makes the best effort for the customers compiling the government regulations as an excellent example of the activities. Outboard motors have become essential for the people of Papua New Guinea, which is a country located in the South Pacific Ocean. Outboard motors are widespread and used daily for transportation and fishing.
Despite the COVID pandemic, Ela Motors actively engaged in Go Beyond Caravan. To support stability in people's lives, they mainly focus on after-sales service for outboard motors. COVID-19 safety protocols were set during Go Beyond Caravan. These included setting a safe social distancing policy and placing hand sanitizers at events.
The main goal of Go Beyond Caravan is for the sales, service, and spare parts teams at each distributor to visit customers and work together for the customers' benefit. Putting themselves into the customers' position, Ela Motors' mechanics checked how they were using the outboard motors and inspected them. They gave suggestions such as recommending replacement parts and so on. At the event, customers were introduced to the Awareness Program. The mechanics explained the benefits of using YAMALUBE to help customers realize that YAMALUBE is the ideal engine oil for Yamaha outboard motors. Ela Motors organized Go Beyond Caravan twice in last year. They succeeded in increasing customer retention while spreading the joy of using Yamaha outboard motors. Unfortunately, we were unable to go to the location, but through online meetings, we supported the preparation, reviewed the event, and suggested improvements for the next time.

It's been more than a year since our overseas business trips were banned, however, Online meetings now become standards of communicating tools with distributors, in addition, we found it made our communication rather easy. We will actively adopt new approaches to manage marketing activities proficiently for us and the distributors.

The last but at least, OMDO's policy remains “field oriented”.
I strongly wish to work together in your field soon right after the recovery.
See you soon!

Distributors Taking the Initiative

Grant Binskin
Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Limited (YMA)
Australia / YMA Helm Master EX (HM-EX) Introduction

With major boat shows cancelled in 2020 and test drive events prohibited due to COVID restrictions, the launch of Helm Master EX to the Australian public was going to be a real challenge. Under these restricted conditions, we needed to come up with new ways of reaching dealers and customers and consider new avenues of communication we had not tried before when launching a new product.

Fortunately, during lockdowns our marketing team was still able to get on the water in small numbers to film a pre-production version of the product in action without breaching COVID safety protocols. This on-water footage was a vital part of the launch and made it possible for us to deliver engaging real-world content.

Live Launch

The Helm Master EX launch was initiated with a video conference, and information was released for our dealerships and OEMs. For consumers, we streamed a "Live Launch" on July 1st using Facebook Live.

During this Facebook Live session, YMA staff directly explained the product to consumers and were able to seamlessly switch between pre-recorded on water footage and live in-person communication. For us, it was a completely new experience, and while daunting to begin with, it was extremely satisfying when we successfully completed the launch event.

The Helm Master EX product was a perfect candidate for this type of launch as the product is complex with many great features that encouraged the Live viewers to interact with us with great questions.

The coronavirus situation in Australia has now allowed us to begin some small test drive events and the feedback on Helm Master EX has been excellent. Trailerable boats up to around 24ft are popular in Australia, and the single-engine joystick control with FishPoint and DriftPoint capability is considered a game changer by many serious anglers.

We’re very excited by the huge potential of this product and competitive edge it gives us in the high horsepower outboard market.

HM-EX special website
Original video

Carlos Chima,Javier José Wills Isaza
Eduardoño S.A.S
Colombia / Online Service Training in Colombia

Ever since the break out of COVID-19, strict quarantine which restricts citizens from traveling or gathering in groups has been taken place several times.

Despite these difficult situations, with the help of communication tools such as ZOOM, we have managed to keep close relationships with our dealers and mechanics. Since the pandemic, Eduarodoño has been carrying out online training programs for mechanics around the country. In 2020, 18 service training courses were taken place online and approximately 650 people participated.

Usually for our classes, we would gather the mechanics in a classroom together and bring in a model engine for them to touch and study. Since we could not do that in our online class, in some sessions we decided to give a presentation on Yamaha corporate philosophy, marketing strategies and customer satisfaction. In other sessions, we used graphics and model guides to give detailed information as much as possible.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.
U.S.A / Activities of YMUS

Yamaha Marine Expands Involvement with Fresh and Saltwater Tournament Trails

Yamaha Marine continues to hold a strong presence at fresh and saltwater tournaments around the country during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The group also expanded its ongoing sponsorship agreement with B.A.S.S.® through the 2024 season.

Yamaha professional anglers represent the brand at events and on their social media pages, expanding Yamaha’s reach to hundreds of thousands of fishing fans. In March, Yamaha Pro Bill Lowen won his first Bassmaster® Elite Series event on Pickwick Lake in Fla. Pros Justin Lucas, Ish Monroe, Patrick Walters and Brandon Palaniuk also took home first place trophies in tournaments across the country. Palaniuk and Lucas even won multiple events in 2020.

Additionally, Yamaha Marine’s revolutionary Power Pay program continues to grow and offer anglers competing in sanctioned trails extra money for running Yamaha power, even if they don’t win the tournament. More than 600 anglers are currently enrolled in the program, which will celebrate its second anniversary this Oct. Last fall, Yamaha announced an expansion of the program to include anglers who are secondhand Yamaha outboard owners.

Yamaha Marine Works with Industry Coalition to Lead Marine Advocacy Efforts

Yamaha Marine worked with an industry coalition to advance several key industry legislative priorities in 2020.

Together, the coalition held meetings with legislators and developed practical, sound plans to address significant issues facing the marine industry and environmental conservation efforts.

Yamaha Marine’s advocacy platform Let America Fish helped connect boaters and anglers with their representatives on vital bills, including the Great American Outdoors Act, Save Our Seas 2.0 Act and the America’s Conservation Enhancement (ACE) act. All three bills passed through Congress and were signed into law.

Other significant legislative wins included the Descend Act, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Water Resources Development Act and Restore our Parks Act.

Each bill addressed key challenges facing fishing access, habitat restoration and scientific research projects.

“No one organization could have accomplished these wins on their own,” said Martin Peters, Division Manager, Government Relations, Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit. “Our success as an industry is a testament to the hard work and dedication of multiple groups who came together in pursuit of creating positive, lasting change in conservation and fisheries management.”

Yamaha and the coalition are now working to connect with the new Congress and presidential administration on legislation that will build on successes from 2020. To contact your legislators and advocate with thousands of others, visit www.letamericafish.com.

Yamaha Marine Launches Marine Professional Development Series During Pandemic

Before COVID-19, Yamaha Marine held quarterly “Lunch N’ Learn” meetings to introduce employees to new initiatives and products, as well as share key aspects of the brand’s business operations. Since social distancing restrictions have required Yamaha Marine to pause those efforts, the group pivoted to a new online program titled the “Marine Professional Development Series.”

The series consists of virtual interviews, discussions and question-and-answer sessions between Yamaha Marine employees and subject matter experts designed to elevate the skill level, knowledge and proficiency of all team members. So far, the “Marine Professional Development Series” has featured the new Helm Master EX, new products in Yamaha’s 2021 product lineup and the new MyYamahaOutboards app and web portal.

More than 50 employees have attended each event. Yamaha Marine plans to continue the series with regular episodes throughout 2021. All episodes are available to Yamaha Marine employees on the company’s intranet site, “Tackle Box News.”

What's New in Yamaha

Service Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations
72 People from 25 Countries Participated!
New Product Service Training for the Integrated Boating Control System "HELM MASTER EX" Was Held Online.

"HELM MASTER EX" was released in July of 2020. We had five service trainings in total from November 9th to December 3rd for Yamaha Marine distributors in Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Korea, Middle East, and Latin America.

Due to COVID-19, there were restrictions on holding group training at YMC, unlike in the past. We fully prepared the materials so that we could smoothly conduct the online training.

Instead of giving lectures, we recorded a voice-over for the PowerPoint presentations, which is helpful for self-learning. The hands-on training was broadcasted by using Microsoft Teams. Participants deeply understood the product and gave a high review on it and also on the distance-learning training.

Service Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations
Service Division New Products Online Seminar for the Japanese Market

Service Division held an online new products sales seminar for internal use and dealers in Japan.

On January 29th, 2021, we had an internal seminar where we expounded on the latest products, such as the new V6 4.2L outboard motor, Helm Master EX, and boats (Prestige, AX220, and F.A.S.T23). For dealers, it took place on February 12th and 19th. A total of 500 people participated in the three-day event.
In addition to the presentation, we had a visual demonstration using the actual products.

Product Planning, Sales, and Service Divisions carried out this joint seminar for the first time and explained the sales strategy and technical information. Participants gave favorable reviews of this joint seminar.
By collaborating across internal divisional boundaries, we provided comprehensive information and promoted new products effectively.

Next Step from COVID-19

Yamaha Motor China Co., Ltd.(YMCN)
Shanghai Boat Show 2021

The 25th China (Shanghai) International Boat Show (CIBS) took place in Shanghai, China, from April 1st to 3rd, 2021. The event was held after a two-year gap because it was canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus in 2020. About 600 companies and 60,000 attendees participated. It is the largest boat show in China.

Yamaha presented outboard motors, WaveRunners, and Sport Boats under the theme "Quality Time on the Water." In addition to marine products, leisure-related Yamaha products such as recreational off-highway vehicles, golf cars, and electric bicycles were also displayed to showcase the world of Yamaha. All the staff members greeted and welcomed customers. We aim to expand the Yamaha fan base and increase the value of the Yamaha brand.

We launched the F425A in the Chinese market for the first time. At this boat show, the F425A was placed in front of the entrance gate. It gathered the attention of visitors and people from the marine industry. In the Chinese pleasure market, we started supplying the F425A to domestic boat builders. Boats equipped with the F425A were also displayed in the show. We will accelerate the F425A sales in China.

A simulator for the Helm Master EX, which is the next-generation boating system, was set up. Through hands-on trials, many customers tested and explored the characteristics and functions of the Helm Master EX. We received many good reviews. We will launch the Helm Master EX in China by first equipping boats with the F425A.

In the WaveRunner corner, we showcased the 2021 SuperJet stand-up model by highlighting the dynamic riding it offers. The Sport Boat 255XE was placed in the center to emphasize Yamaha's uniqueness with its elegant style that competitors cannot match.

This year, the staff members at each booth wore masks, and everyone had to check their temperatures before entering the event because of COVID-19. Even in the pandemic, the number of customers interested in marine leisure activities increased in China due to overseas travel restrictions. There is no doubt that more people will be attracted as the marine leisure season draws near. We will proactively engage in many activities to gain the customers' interest.

2nd Marketing Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations
Yokohama Boat Show 2021

The Japan International Boat Show (JIBS) is one of the largest marine events in Japan. It celebrated its 60th anniversary this year.

The memorable 60th event was the first hybrid boat show that included two venues: a physical site at Yokohama Bayside Marina, which took place from April 15th to the 18th, and a virtual site (internet) from April 1st to the 30th.

The coronavirus brought a new period. Yamaha initiated a trial and error strategy to overcome the challenge. We decided to participate in the physical expo and the virtual expo.

This was Yamaha's first time joining a virtual show. We prepared an original virtual showroom, "Yamaha VR Marina," for the JIBS.

The physical event also gathered attention, as two years had passed since the last time JIBS was held. As the fans viewed the models each company presented, it created excitement. Yamaha displayed the "MJ-SuperJet," the first stand-up model with a 4-stroke engine alongside the new boat "AX220."

At the floating venue, we proudly displayed the line-up of Yamaha premium yachts "Exult 38 Convertible," "Exult 36 Sport Saloon," and the luxury salon cruiser "Prestige 520." We started importing the "Prestige 520" from France last year.

Editor’s Note

Takeshi Hino

Hello everyone! My name is Takeshi Hino. I am the new chief editor for Chantey, and I also play on the Yamaha rugby team.

Though the world is in a critical state, I am glad that we can publish Chantey again. I want to thank everyone involved in the process of making this issue.

Like in rugby, I will work hard on Chantey to keep bringing a wide variety of contents and create one team with everyone.

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