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Features YCW-008A/002A - International Cooperation

Features of Clean Water Supply System, YCW-008A/002A


YAMAHA CLEAN WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM is compact water purification system developed for communities in rural area. It can be operated and maintained sustainably by community with low running cost and ecologically without using/generating anything to abolish.

Compact size for use in rural communities

image of YCW-008A/YCW-002A

Measurements of Concrete base of YCW-008A is 8m x 5m for its capacity of water 8,000 liters per day covering 400 households, and the Pallet base of YCW-002A is 3.3 m x 2.2 m for its capacity of water 2,500 liters per day covering 125 households.

Easy maintenance

Checking water quality with simple measurement kit.
Removing the floating items on the surface of water in tanks

Regular works are:
- Clean the filtration tanks by opening the taps connected to filtration tanks and check the water quality with simple measurement kit daily.
- Removing the floating items on the surface of water in the filtration tanks and bio-pool as necessary.
- Scraping the surface of sand (filter media) in the filtration tank few times per year.

Yamaha provide one-day training on the above works to the users before handover. All the works are easy enough to operate by users only with engineers with special technique.

Low running cost

All tanks made of FRP are durable for over 10 years.

Running cost shall be:
- ELECTRICITY for electric water pumps needed approx. 5kWh/day and for YCW-008A/ 1.7kWh/day for YCW-002A. Electric raw water suction pump works automatically when purified water consumed in certain level. The raw water run by gravity without any power.
- CHLORINE powder for disinfection. The equipment for chlorine feeding works automatically (YCW-008A)/ manually (YCW-002A) according to volume of purified water produced.

No need to replace the main parts
- No need to exchange the filtration media, sand and gravel, and no use of coagulants or membrane filters those need to be purchased continuously.
- All tanks made of FRP are durable for over 10 years (based on Yamaha's monitoring in Asian countries).

Operatable with a Solar Generator [OPTION]

YCW-008 (non current model) in Mauritania with solar generator

For rural areas without grid, a photovoltaic generator with battery is available as an exclusive option parts for the Yamaha Clean Water Supply System. It will be adjusted site by site to provide enough power, and the surplus power is available to charge mobile phone etc.


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