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Features XJ6SAP (Police) - International Cooperation

Features of XJ6SAP



Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, inline, 4-cylinder fuel-injected engine. Its responsive engine characteristics are ideal for police bikes that play an active role on city streets. The economic mid-sized engine achieves all the functions of a large police bike and good environmental performance with fuel injection and a three-way catalytic converter for cleaner exhaust emission.

2Raised handlebars

Raising the handlebars for long-distance rides reduces fatigue while creating a riding position with excellent visibility.

3Wind protection

High windshield enhances wind and weather protection.

4Other equipment

Front LED flashing light, rear adjustable LED flashing light, siren & speaker, document box, side cases (Photo), engine guard, anti-lock brake system (ABS).

5Flashing Lights [OPTION]

Front flashing light (Photo), rear flashing light.

6Siren & speaker [OPTION]

Siren & speaker.

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