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International Cooperation

Service Activities - International Cooperation

Yamaha Motor's service activities are focused on achieving customer satisfaction around the globe

Yamaha Motor's comprehensive after-sales activities are held with the concept of "life-cycle cost" in mind.

To support the durability of the products for long-term use, Yamaha Motor has constructed a service network and continues to perform educational seminars for local mechanics across the globe.

After-sales service

Yamaha Motor works together with our distributors in providing comprehensive after-sales Service activities to our customers.

The real customer - supplier relationship starts after the product has been sold.
Yamaha Motor - a partner in helping to protect the livelihoods of customers and their products.

Motorcycles are often preferred in certain parts of Africa that are inaccessible even by 4WD trucks. NGOs, government organizations, and the United Nations are our valuable customers that understand the need for transportation on two wheels. As well as being a hobby, the motorcycle is an invaluable tool of transport for the livelihood of many individuals and aid operations of a variety of organizations. That is why Yamaha Motor believes in the importance of extending the useful life of the product.

Service activities that support the durability of Yamaha Motor products

Even though products can be purchased cheaply, they may be lacking in durability, have high maintenance and repair costs, and high parts/disposal costs. Penny-wise and pound-foolish can often mean high running costs and necessitate the re-purchasing of low quality products much earlier than expected.
Cheap but frail products are best avoided for both the customer and the environment. In the long term, high quality and high performance products with lower running costs are ultimately the answer to saving expenses.
Such considerations for the customer are at the heart of Yamaha Motor's Service activities, and have developed a loyal following in our markets. This is one of the reasons Yamaha Motor is often the preferred brand of use in international aid activities.

Earning trust from our customers

In order for our customers to be able to enjoy our products safely for a long period of time, we believe that the creation of a suitable environment of use is paramount. Service training is periodically provided to our distributors and their dealers who are our windows to the market place and our customers. Both the spirit and skill of service and maintenance are shared with our distributors in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Service training aimed at distributors and dealers

The Service training comprises of dispatching service staff from Japan, teaching our new products, distributing service information, improving workshops, providing service tools, and practical/theoretical training.

The service instructor provides Service training for distributor service staff.
A Service training session held by a service instructor dispatched from Japan. This operation aims to improve local service levels.
The scene of disassembling and servicing a police bike. By understanding the structure of the vehicle, proper maintenance and servicing can be achieved.
The scene of power product (generator/water pump) service training. Service training for all Yamaha Motor products is conducted.

Service training for government and non-government organizations

We do not believe that the service training intended for distributors and dealers is sufficient. Our customers are comprised of international organizations, government organizations, police forces, and other non-government organizations. Such organizations usually have an exclusive service department. Yamaha Motor service instructor conduct Service training for such service departments of these organizations as well.

A Service training session for the service staff of an NGO in D.R. Congo. July 2007
Explaining the points of inspecting and repairing the products in use.
Disassembling, maintenance, inspection, and repairs for the motorcycle in use.
Trainees listen intently to the lectures provided by the service instructor. The points provided in the lecture greatly aided the attendants in their day to day operations.

Periodical training at Japan headquarters for our distributor service staffs

The distributor service staffs are invited to Japan, where they receive up-to-date service training and information on new products.

Every 6 months, the lectures and service training sessions are held in Japan for the distributor service staff.
The basic points in repairing and servicing new products together with instructions on how to use special tools and new devices are included in the sessions.
Both practical training and lecture in the class room are included in the program.
Attendants also tour the factory and parts centers in order to understand the flow of products and parts.

"Field service clinic", on-site maintenance and checks

Field service clinics are held by the distributor staff in the customer's sites. Product inspection and maintenance methods, as well as product usage are taught.
Field service clinics are structured in such a way as to involve our customers who receive advice and training on maintenance methods and product usage. Service staff from Japan are also sent to assist in these campaigns with the aim of training the distributors so that in the future, the campaigns can be held independently by each distributor.
These service campaigns are a vital source of feedback from our customers. The comments our customers provide are relayed back to the respective departments that arrange the modifications. Field service clinics have been a part of Yamaha Motor culture ever since exporting started, and will continue to expand along with sales.

Field service clinic (Solomon)

Service Campaign (India)

Field service clinic (Nigeria)


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