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International Cooperation

Promoting Safety awareness - International Cooperation

Providing our customers with the knowledge on how to use our products safely for as long as possible

Yamaha Motor deploys its safety riding promotion activities throughout its business territories.

At Yamaha Motor, we believe that business extends to providing our customers with the knowledge on how to use our products safely for as long as possible. Below we have listed our focal points:

  • Motorcycle riding academies to be held for police forces that employ motorcycles
  • Maintenance courses and safe-riding courses to be held for governmental and international organizations
  • Safe-riding seminars to be held in order to nurture instructors of distributor staff to enable our distributors hold YRA (Yamaha Riding Academy) sessions
  • Other necessary educational activities to be held to ensure for a healthy growth of the market

Such safety riding promotion activities are rated highly amongst the local community, and this is one of the reasons why so many people choose Yamaha Motor – not only because of our products themselves, but also due to the services that we provide along with them.

What is the Yamaha Riding Academy?

The Yamaha Riding Academy (hereafter YRA) is one of our main safety riding promotion activities. Yamaha Motor provides rider training suitable to the technical needs of our users, from general riders to police riders. Amongst our instructors, we employ ex-Yamaha Motor racing riders, and our activities are especially concentrated in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

YRA for police (Senegal)
YRA for general riders (Burkina Faso)
YRA for police (Kuwait)

Yamaha Motor also provides safety riding promotion videos and pamphlets in a variety of languages.

Booklets and certification handed out to YRA participants

The safety riding promotion pamphlets Yamaha Motor provides its customers with are published in various languages, such as English, French and Spanish. They are given out to customers when they visit distributor stores or upon delivery of goods. Yamaha Motor also made and uses safety riding promotion videos and pamphlets to educate and train the distributor staff as well as making and using such materials for riding academy for our users.

Yamaha Motor is actively involved in nurturing riding academy instructors who understand the unique needs of their territory.

In addition to hold YRA aimed at conveying proper riding skills, riding academies are held throughout our business territories for the purpose of nurturing local instructors for distributor staff.
Through nurturing authorized instructors in each of our territories, Yamaha Motor aims to familiarize customers with the YRA while developing an environment where Yamaha Motor products can be used safely and enjoyably.

Message from the Chief Instructor of YRA who has nurtured YRA instructors globally

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Chief Instructor

Mr. Hidenobu Toh

“Our customers who are familiar with safe and correct riding methods, can not only avoid injuries but also be more aware of the causes of many motorcycle mishaps (crashes, falls, aggressive driving on rough roads). Such education results a longer product lifespan and widens the range of activities with our products. Through teaching safe and correct riding methods Yamaha Motor hopes to provide our customers with much more enjoyment when using our products.”


Date of Birth: 12 May 1954
Since his retirement from professional racing he has become active as a test rider and instructor for the nurturing of the next generation of factory team riders. He is currently working towards motorcycle/ATV growth and development in countries around the world, particularly in Africa and South America, through his work with riding schools there.

Riding History (for Yamaha Motor products)

1972 All Japan Amateur Champion
1973 Promotion to expert junior, skipping 2 levels
All Japan 250cc Champion (Sportsman of the year)
1974 Took part in racing in America/ Europe
1977 3rd Senior 125cc, 3rd 250cc
1978 3rd Senior 125cc, 8th 250cc
1979 3rd International class A 125cc , 2nd 250cc
1980 4th International class A 125cc, 3rd 250cc
1982 2nd International class A 125cc
1983 6th International class A 250cc


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