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International Cooperation

Overseas Market Development Operations - International Cooperation

Yamaha Motor's area-based marketing

Yamaha Motor is active in the marketing and production of a wide range of products such as motorcycles, ATVs, ROVs, outboard motors, personal watercrafts (water vehicles), generators, water pumps and multipurpose engines throughout the world. Affiliated sales and production companies exist in most markets including North America, Europe, and the BRICS as well as ASEAN territories. Meanwhile, there are territories where marketing activities are carried out by the Yamaha headquarters.

The Overseas Market Development Operations (OMDO) is the division which holistically manages all Yamaha Motor’s products for particular markets. OMDO conducts its area-based marketing according to the various circumstances of the markets. Factors such as local political, socio-economic environment, culture, and lifestyle are taken into account for an efficient, synergetic approach to sales, after-sales service, and spare parts availability - all of which are supported by the local distributor/dealer network.

Serving our customers with the most suitable product and service in turn leads to serving the locality. Equipped with a cutting-edge, international outlook and product expertise, Yamaha's area-based marketing by OMDO aims to win sustainable support for the Yamaha brand, not only from individual customers, but from the area as a whole.

OMDO also promotes international development cooperatively with government bodies and international organizations to resolve global issues.

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