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Large structure solutions - Yamaha and Sprayputty


When it comes to precision work for large structures, Yamaha and Sprayputty are two names you can trust.

We can show you the potential of product development, complex contouring, and quality improvement for any large project.

Urethane and wood are reasonably priced and comparatively easy to process. Traditionally, their use has been limited to molds for easy-to-handle small and middle-sized jobs.

Manufacturers are using these molding techniques for large structures, and for products that require high precision complex contours such as jet airplanes, rockets, and railroad cars.

jet airplanes

Jet airplanes

Space shuttle

Space shuttle

This kind of precision demands a molding material that has the features of both wood and urethane foam.

The superior coring material for manufacturing large structures must have

  • Low Cost
  • Fast Coring Cycle
  • Stability

In other words, it has to have all of the features of both urethane foam and wood.

The best in America, Sprayputty, and only at Yamaha. We make the impossible possible.
It is a mixture of polyester resin and micro balloons giving great performance for spraying, coring, and finishing. This makes it possible to process large and complicated 3D curved surfaces effectively.

Blowing sprayputty to mold.

Blowing sprayputty to mold.

Strong enough to stand on.

Strong enough to stand on.

A comparison of coring materials

  Sprayputty Urethane foam Synthetic wood
Material cost good excellent good
Operation cost good good bad
Processing time excellent bad bad
Stability good bad excellent
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