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Molding Technology

Molding technology

High precision complex contour molding technology

Let Yamaha provide the solutions for any non-metal material with our high precision complex contour molding process.

Nothing is more beautiful than the delicate curves of a clean, sleek FRP ship. Nothing is more demanding than the millimeter precision needed to mold the complex contours of such a ship.
For years, Yamaha has been making products with the molding technology that fulfills these quality demands. We have cultivated the fruits of technology and experience with our inquiring minds.

  • How can we effectively make high precision complex contours?
  • What is the best method for segmenting and joining large structure molds?
  • How do we process complicated 3D shapes quickly, precisely, and effectively?

Yamaha has developed the technology to answer these questions and more. We have solidly established our clients trust through 43 years of experience in the field of non-metal complex contour molding.

Hulls require complex contouring to perform at their best.

Hulls require complex contouring to perform at their best.

Racing vessels requires especially delicate precision.

Racing vessels requires especially delicate precision.

Yamaha's state-of-the-art equipment and know-how, the best in Japan, can fill all of your requirements for precision design and manufacturing.

The slightest mistake in precision can be a detriment to your vessel's basic performance. An error of only a few millimeters can reduce performance by several knots.
We take great pains every day to develop the best technology, in both our hardware and software, to meet the strictest of quality demands.

Our latest 5-axis CNC Processing Machine

Our latest 5-axis CNC Processing Machine.

3D CAD/CAM design

3D CAD/CAM design.

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