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Yamaha Motor

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Direct Molding Process

Direct molding process

Direct Molding Process

Yamaha's original direct molding process begin directly with the mold, solving the frequent pull problem that plagues the traditional mold-prototype-plug-mold system.

Yamaha's original know-how in modeling, engineering, CNC processing technique, Sprayputty use, and our excellent technology make the direct mold method possible.

Direct molding allows us to make twice as many pulls as a conventional mold.
Its durability is a plus for prototypes and small quantity lots.

A conventional mold can be used 1 to 2 times at most before precision is lost. In the design phase these restrictions can be a terrible strain. The potential for dissatisfactory results in prototypes and small quantity lots is especially high. It's a terrible burden, isn't it?

Yamaha direct molding solves all the problems of pull count, precision, and manufacturing time inherent in conventional molding processes.

CNC direct mold processing.

CNC direct mold processing

Direct mold comparison

  Direct mold Resin
transfer mold
female mold
Cost excellent excellent bad
Turnaround excellent excellent bad
Mold reuse good bad excellent
Degree of freedom excellent almost excellent
Precision excellent bad excellent

From drawing board to motorboat in just 7 weeks, thanks to Direct Molding!

To show off our direct molding technique, we built a one-off reproduction of a CAT-21 motorboat. This model was first built and sold in the 1960s.

7 weeks from start to finish

7 weeks from start to finish

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