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Yamaha Motor

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Work Processes and Plants

Molding production by process

Processes and Factory

Welcome to our tour of the Yamaha water vessel manufacturing division where we use CAD/CAM systems to design and manufacture vessels of all sizes.

Mold manufacturing --Plug finishing and mold manufacturing--

Strong enough to stand on

Strong enough to stand on

A plug manufactured with Sprayputty is strong enough for a person to stand on. This really increases the efficiency of post processing and that turns into an advantage of reduced time to delivery.

Final finishing

Final finishing

When the plug has gone through its final CNC processing, veteran technicians do the final finishing by hand and check to make sure every detail is perfect.

Checking for distortion.

Checking for distortion

When the plug is ready, we spray on a special polyester resin, and do a final check for any distortion.

The mold (Master)

The mold (Master)

We are now ready to make a mold from the finished plug. This will be the master mold for the vessel, so we check it very carefully. And that's the last step.
As you can see, we have an assembly line system that can easily handle your request. Yamaha can be your best business partner.

FRP molding.

FRP molding

We are able to handle any request from modeling only, to mold manufacturing, to FRP products. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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Feel free to ask about the details of our CNC mold manufacturing, estimates, or anything else.

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