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Yamaha Motor

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Work Processes and Plants

Molding production by process

Processes and Factory

Welcome to our tour of the Yamaha water vessel manufacturing division where we use CAD/CAM systems to design and manufacture vessels of all sizes.

Plug Manufacturing --Sprayputty and finishing--

Rough-shaping the plug

Rough-shaping the plug

After we have built the base wooden core, we spray urethane foam on the completed wooden framework. Then rough-shape it to smaller scale with a cantilever 3-axis CNC milling machine.

Sprayputty application

Sprayputty application

Now we apply Sprayputty. Sprayputty is the most widely recognized milling material in America. America's largest boat manufacturers use it because it is the most effective milling material for manufacturing large structures. Yamaha is the only company in Japan to use Sprayputty.

Milling the plug.

Milling the plug

After the Sprayputty has hardened, we run it through the CNC miller again and cut it to actual size.

Cantilever 3-axis CNC milling machine

Cantilever 3-axis CNC milling machine

This cantilever 3-axis CNC milling machine can process plugs up to 10m long. It has a processing width of 2m, and height of 2.5m.

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Feel free to ask about the details of our CNC mold manufacturing, estimates, or anything else.

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