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New 5-axis Processing Machine

About the 5-axis CNC processing machine

New 5-axis Processing Machine

Japan's largest class 5-axis CNC processing machine sets new standards for mold manufacturing.

No need for conventional reverse molding or right and left symmetry molding.

Conventional CNC processing machines are limited in processing size, forcing manufacturers to reverse the core in mid-process, or couple right and left symmetrically divided molds.

Example of a cantilever CNC processing machine

After coring side A, the mold is reversed and the process is repeated for side B.

Example of a cantilever CNC processing machine

Example of the New CNC processing machine (Gantry system)

There is no need to reverse the mold; it can be processed as one unit.

Since the new CNC processing machine omits the reversal step, it improves quality and precision, and shortens the operation time. The results are amazing.

Example of the New CNC processing machine (Gantry system)
Gantry-type CNC processing machine movie

Gantry-type CNC processing machine movie

WindowsMediaPlayer : 35sec ( 543KB )
Here, you can see that large products can be molded in one go without right and left symmetry molding, divided molds, or conventional reverse molding.

5 Axes! A sphere is not a dream.

Our new 5-axis processor works on the standard 3-axis X, Y, Z planes, plus it has a head that rotates and swivels along the A and C axes. The most complicated of surfaces, curved or slanted, can be milled quickly and effectively.

3-axis processing

Since 3-axis processing can move only on the X, Y, Z planes, some shapes can be difficult to process, or take longer to process in the finishing stages.

3-axis processing Head rotation

5-axis processing

Combining our new 5-axis processing machine to our 3D CAD/CAM system leads to programs with smoother curved lines. This is a departure from earlier multiple microscopic linear programming. Processing speed increases, the machine operates more smoothly and surface precision improves.

Head rotation(A,C axes)
5-axis processing has 3-axis processing plus rotation along an A and C-axis.

Movie of our 5-axis processor making a half sphere

Movie of our 5-axis processor making a half sphere

WindowsMediaPlayer : 32sec ( 512KB )
As you can see, we have integrated our 3D CAD/CAM system and 5-axis processing to create smooth curved lines. The virtually impossible task of creating a high-precision sphere is now possible.

It produces a smoothly tooled surface faithful to the original design.

  • Protrusions can be shaped quickly since the cutting tool touches the surface head on. Cutting tool speeds can be pitched higher, reducing process time.
  • Consistent cutting speeds reduce scalloping, meaning there will be almost no need for touch-up finishing, again reducing process time.
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