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New 5-axis Processing Machine

About the 5-axis CNC processing machine

New 5-axis Processing Machine

Japan's largest class 5-axis CNC processing machine sets new standards for mold manufacturing.

Complicated contours, high precision, large structures! When you need the best solution, contact us.

5-axis processing cuts the processing period more than ever before. This is the answer to those delicate multi-surface processing products and products that cannot be segmented and joined with precision.
Ideas that you thought were just a dream, products that you had given up on....
Yamaha's new 5-axis gantry CNC processing machine can make those dreams a reality.


The largest processing size in Japan.

Yamaha's new CNC processing machine is gantry system (arch type). But, with a processing size of 12m x 5m x 3m, it is the largest in its class! (Think train car, yacht, private jet!) Large projects can be molded in one go. No more segmenting and joining after, making your project more affordable. Our cost-effective processing size and gantry system 5-axis CNC processing precision guarantee a quality product unrivaled by any other company.


Creates a reproduction faithful to the original image.

5-axis CNC routing promises a mold faithful to the model no matter how complicated the contour is. Precision is so high that the processing period is 1/2 that of conventional routers. This translates into more cost effective efficiency for you.


Processing speeds 3-times faster than existing machines.

Overall processing speed, compared to CNC processing machines currently operating, is 3 times faster, an incredible improvement. Time to delivery is dramatically shortened, which means you get your product sooner.

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