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Yamaha Motor

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See actual cases of our molding technology at work


We fulfill all kinds of wishes with our advanced 3D molding technology. Here are some cases that exemplify our molding technology.

CASE.3Object [Unering]

To stretch the possibilities of 3D molding, we ventured into the production of art. We worked with a Toyohashi University of Technology lab on a research project in which we applied our manufacturing technology to construction and realized a free-form design that could hardly be achieved by previously existing methods...Read more

Object [Unering]

CASE.2Boat [EXULT36]

Our Exult 36 salon cruiser calls attention with its flowing body form and smooth movement. Our advanced 3D molding technology brings artistry, engineering, and machining data production together to unite style and performance...Read more

Boat [EXULT36]

CASE.1Waterbus [Himiko]

Yamaha Motor is responsible for the custom glass that is a key element of the body of the watercraft. Yamaha’s technology made possible the streamlined hull that is fundamental to the famous cartoonist Leiji Matsumoto’s design concept...Read more

Waterbus [Himiko]
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