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Yamaha Motor

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We know FRP. design, modeling, complex contour molds, machining, finishing


We KNOW FRP.Design,Modeling,Complex contour molds,Machining,Finishing, RESULTS.We are the professionals.

We at Yamaha Motor's marine vessel division are professionals dedicated to creating the best FRP boats, ships and other products requiring 3D complex contour modeling, engineering, and 3D CAD/CAM machining.
The shape of an object can affect its performance. This is especially true of ships. The complex contours of the hull must be shaped with careful precision to achieve maximum performance. We make full use of our technology and know-how, applying systems and equipment that are top-of-the-line both at home and abroad, to develop the best products possible for you.

Yamaha technology can make your dreams a reality.

Advances in technology, know-how, and equipment in the FRP boat manufacturing industry have added a greater element of freedom to product design, improved precision, and reduced construction time dramatically.

The top-class 3D molding techniques and know-how created by Yamaha, is grounded in the high precision contouring required in FRP boat production, but can easily be applied to many areas: building materials, industrial equipments, transport, including automobiles, and more. From large structure manufacturing to prototype and small lot production. Let Yamaha give shape to your imagination. Let us make your dreams a reality.

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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Feel free to ask about the details of our CNC mold manufacturing, estimates, or anything else.

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