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Yamaha offers learning opportunity for young dreamers

Schools for young dreamers

Yamaha fosters motorcycle technicians in different regions around the world to open the door
to disadvantaged young people who never had the opportunity for learning and vocational education.
Young people with their own personal dreams and goals come to this school.
Some say for example, “I want to work as a mechanic and let my brother go to school.” or
“I want to buy a house so my parents can live at ease.”
Yamaha is supporting future YTA technicians that have these types of dreams.

Activities in each region

Activities in India

The local Yamaha subsidiary in India YMIS is operating a Yamaha Training School (YTS), to train motorcycle technicians in collaboration with vocational training schools and NGOs throughout the country. The YTS course of study has been certified as a government-approved vocational training curriculum and the certificate issued to graduates is nationally recognized as an official motorcycle mechanic qualification within the country.
Currently as of February 2017, YTS has 28 schools in India and plans to expand to 52 schools in 2017. Besides lectures and practical skills in the classroom, classes are also conducted at the Yamaha dealer site, and graduates who in this way acquire motorcycle maintenance skills are given nearly 100% employment as a ready asset at Yamaha dealers along with acquiring a stable income.

Activities in Indonesia

As a pioneer of its social contribution activities, YIMM has expanded the YES (Yamaha Engineering School) since1990 that now operates from 14 training centers throughout the country.
Amidst a long history now in its 27th year, it has trained a total of more than 4,000 graduates as mechanics. Among them is Mr. Abidin, the current Yamaha Indonesia service manager who after graduating from YES joined Yamaha Indonesia and contributed for a long time to Yamaha operations. Many other graduates joined the Yamaha Indonesia Group including those not only aiming at mechanic training but also work at partner companies and who are currently still making vital contributions.
Yamaha also actively supports and cooperates with vocational training schools at more than 500 institutions nationwide, aiming to improve the Yamaha brand image through social contributions and mechanic training activities.

Activities in Vietnam

Yamaha Motor Vietnam, which manufactures and sells motorcycles in Vietnam, is cooperating with the opening of a Yamaha training course to teach motorcycle maintenance, customer service and sales as support for national vocational training schools.
The Yamaha staff is assigned to training schools and offers lectures such as on the knowledge, technical skills and service knowhow needed by service personnel. The staff also provides guidance for instructors in charge of the Yamaha course before the course actually starts. Other support includes orientation for newly employed mechanisms and technology that accompany the release of new products.
Graduates can get preferential employment opportunities from Yamaha dealers.

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