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All about Yamaha aftersales

Enjoy a safe riding with us


Stays with your Exceptional Experiences

The value and experiences Yamaha delivers customers by way of its motorcycles and scooters first of all provide full Safety and Peace of Mind while riding.
Next, we believe these experiences accumulate to form a bond between rider and machine that serves as a bedrock for yet more value and experiences.
To all our customers fully enjoying our Yamaha products…
We will always be nearby to solidly support your value and experiences,
and promise to always stay close when you need us.

Our activities

Aftersales activities along with you and your Yamaha

  • Race


    Aiming along with you
    for victory
  • Touring


    Maintenance to support
    your journey
  • Commuting


    Brings trust to
    your daily commuting
  • Community


    To share the joy of Yamaha!
  • Custom


    Build Your Own
  • Business


    Offering high-tech and
    trust to support your business


Customer service at the dealer is a crucial touchpoint that means more to Yamaha than anything else.
We focus on staff training for establishing customer trust and supporting lifestyle with Yamaha


Yamaha promotes safety focused on rider training so that customers can ride safely and enjoyably

Yamaha Riding Academy
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For Safe Riding, Now and Going Forward
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