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The Cell picking & Imaging system. CELL HANDLER™

Picking Functions

Please see the following Application examples.

CELL HANDLER™ can transfer a preset number or area of spheroids in each well (Fig.1).
A variety of conditions can be evaluated in one plate. CELL HANDLER™ can transfer cells from MP to MP (Fig.2). e.g. to transfer organoids to fresh cell culture media or to pick and isolate individual cells or spheroid of interest (Fig.3).

Figure 1

Example of the different number of
spheroids seeded in each row

Figure 2

Figure 3

* For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
* The specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The above are the results of experiments in our laboratory. The results may vary depending on the work environment, cell type and so on.

*Please note that we will not be able to respond to inquiries about anything other than CELL HANDLER™.
*Please note that it may take some time to response to certain inquiries.

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