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Ergonomic design and ease of use



LCD multi function Drive Controller

1. LCD multi function Drive Controller

  • Drive control: 4 selectable assist modes
  • Battery capacity indicator: 10 scale bar Digital display (in %)
  • Assist power meter
  • Cycle computer
  • Range meter
  • Cadence meter
  • Clock
  • Removable display
  • USB connector is added:
    5V electric power can be supplied to connected device.
    Parameter writing tool can be connected.

LED 3-way digital display main switch

2. LED 3-way digital display main switch

  • Drive control: 3 selectable assist modes
  • Battery capacity indicator: Digital display (in %)
  • Speedometer
  • Range meter

Design and Ergonomics

There are two types of main switch available. The LED 3-way digital display main switch and the LCD multi function Drive Controller.
The LCD multi function Drive Controller is designed for and has the specs to satisfy all forms of riding.
The newly adopted vertical display makes information such as remaining assist distance highly visible. Attachment is also ergonomically designed, with the display on the center of the handle bars and switches adjacent to the hands. The display can be controlled without taking your hands off the handle bars, resulting in a safer rode, and smoother control of the switch.

Easy to use in any scene

One of the design philosophies of the PWseries, in addition to the "smooth and powerful" concept, is "ease of use". This is reflected on the design of the main switch. The LCD multi function Drive Controller is equipped with the following functions.
By pressing the "Pushing assist switch", an appropriate level of assist for walking is available.
The display can be removed to prevent theft.
For sport-riding oriented riders that monitor their cadence while riding, a cadence meter is available. The unit is designed to provide satisfaction to riders of all types, including those with a strong inclination towards "riding quality".

Selecting the Assist Modes

Mode Assistance pofile
High Provides a constant and powerful assistance. Perfect for riding uphill.
STD Satisfies both power and cruising range. Recommended for daily use.
ECO Saves energy for an extended cruising range. Best used when cruising on a flat road.
+ECO Range of +Eco mode will be approximately 30% longer than Eco mode.
OFF* Allows you to ride without power assist while switch functions remain enabled.

* The OFF mode is available only on the LCD display

Four assist modes (or five, including 0 assist) are available so that the optimum assist level can be selected according to use. The Assist Mode can be selected with ease by using the switch.

Improvement of Walking Assistance

Make it easier to push the bike up on slopes.

  • Maximum torque of walking assistance is strengthen to 70Nm.
  • Gradually reaching the maximum torque while pushing the switch.
  • Speed limit is 6km/h at the highest gear and going lower as shifts down.
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