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PWseries SE

The overall concept for the PWseries SE is "Smooth and Powerful".

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“Smooth and Powerful” While providing the smooth electric assist expected by many general e-bike users, our systems are equipped with powerful support and a natural, organic assist feel in the high-speed range as well. One aim of the PWseries is to win over the hearts of athletic, sporty cyclists, in addition to everyday users.


Smooth and Powerful Assist

The PWseries SE inherits all the popular features of the first-generation PWseries and further enhances the pleasure it provides, and it is now Yamaha's new standard model. A compact and lightweight drive unit designed for riding conditions ranging from standard city streets to more challenging, sporty routes, it enables every rider to enjoy an electric assist experience which is powerful yet at the same time smooth and easy to handle. The maximum cadence at which the unit assists your riding performance has been raised from 100 rpm to 110 rpm*.
*Compared to PWseries

Center Mount System

The Yamaha Power Assist System employs a center mount system in which the power unit and battery are mounted close to the pedals to create a low center of gravity. This results in outstanding weight balance and excellent running stability.

The triple sensor system

The triple sensor system anchors the product concept of "Smooth and Powerful". The three sensors are (1) a torque sensor that detects pedaling power, (2) a speed sensor that detects the bicycle's speed, and (3) a crank sensor that detects the number of rotations through pedaling. Thanks to these three sensors, the system is able to offer the rider continuous assistance under all riding conditions. This constant assist makes the "Smooth and Powerful" concept come alive during rides.

The triple sensor system


Drive unit Center Motor
Weight 3.5 kg
Rated power 250 W
Max. torque 70 Nm
Max. cadence 110 rpm
Max support Speed 25 km/h
Support Mode (%) 4 modes

*Depending on battery condition and circumstances


*Depending on battery condition and circumstances

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