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Display X

"Simple and Tough"

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Display X

The concept of the Display X is "Simple and Tough". Toughness means it can withstand hard riding. This also shows in the design of the ergonomic switches which maintain high operability in all types of riding. A LED assist mode indicator lets the rider check the selected mode instantly, even during hard riding, and overall the interface provides low-key yet robust rider support.

Display X Display X

LED indicator : Highly visible Display and Assist Mode Indicator


Drive unit Features Interchangeability with All Units Following the 2019 Model Year
Display size 1.8 inch LCD
Power supply USB power supply (1 A)
Connectivity Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology
Functionality <Always-on>
-Battery capacity
-Assist mode
-Assist power meter
-Average bicycle speed
-Maximum bicycle speed
-Trip meter
-Battery capacity (%)

*Of the selectable items, infrequently-used functions can be hidden.


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