casting & forging technologies
improves cost-efficiency and weight reduction

  • EV-related

  • Transportation

  • Telecom-related

Yamaha Motor's casting is ideal for parts requiring reductions in weight and component numbers.

Benefits Based on
Real-world Examples

  1. : Integration

    The number of the components reduced from 120 to 2, and a roughly 98% reduction of components count.

  2. : Weight Reduction

    We have achieved 30% weight reductions.

Cast magnesium wheels that only Yamaha Motor can mass-produce in the world

What you can achieve
with Yamaha

  • Mass-production of large, thin-walled parts
  • Reduced weight
  • Fewer components needed
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Controlled Filling(CF) Die-Casting

    Controlled Filling(CF) Die-Casting

    Reduces weight by about 30% and roughly 90% reduction in the number of components needed for a part. Its use can typically reduce manufacturing costs by about 20%.

  • Cylinder Heads

    Cylinder Heads

    One-piece cylinder head greatly contributes to a more compact and less costly engine.

  • Forged aluminum pistons

    Forged Aluminum Pistons

    Selection criteria for raw materials, special manufacturing methods and improved die and mold durability - all this leads to success in producing forged aluminum pistons at a much lower cost.

Why we can do what we do

At Yamaha Motor, we use concurrent engineering based on 3D data to create the products that our clients desire with efficiency, speed, and the most optimal shape and construction. We can guarantee product development that integrates the three essential elements of quality, cost-effectiveness and delivery time.


Global Manufacturing Network

Offering “Made in Japan” Quality in Countries Around the World

The Yamaha Motor Group has established manufacturing locations in countries around the world, primarily in the ASEAN region. Each of our factories adopts flexible production layouts, and operates casting machines to global standards. By using the same molds, dies, manufacturing methods and materials, we are able to manufacture high-quality cast parts and products to the exact same standards in any of these countries.

  • France


  • India


  • Thailand


  • China


  • Vietnam


  • Indonesia


  • Taiwan


  • Brazil


Overall Production Capacity of Yamaha Motor Group

  • High-pressure
    die-casting machines

    216 units
  • Low-pressure
    casting machines

    93 units
  • Gravity casting

    38 units
  • Shipments

    Aluminum 11,160 tons/month
  • Shipments

    Cast iron 1,370 tons/month

Message from
our Metal Experts

Offering “Made in Japan” Quality in Countries Around the World

  • Yukihiro Enomoto

    Yukihiro Enomoto

    Engine manufacturing Section

    Even if it's an item other companies couldn't create, if you bring it to us, we'll make exactly what you're looking for.

  • Atsushi Suzuki

    Atsushi Suzuki

    Casting Chief YMC

    If it's a tough challenge, I believe it's our style to rise to meet it head on.

  • Tomoshige Okude

    Tomoshige Okude

    Unit Engineering Division

    Because we've always had to meet the differing demands of our various productss, we're always developing new technologies.

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