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Technology : YFR-27EX

We are happy to introduce you to YAMAHA Technologies that have been created based on our extensive track record and experience.



A trendy new YAMAHA fishing boat designed based on the concept "Form Follows Function."
YFR-27EX designed based on the concept "Form Follows Function." Its sophisticated low-proportioned design not only has a sporty image, but also projects its character as the next generation of fishing boat.
Fishing space, largest level in its class. The boat's shape, an innovative combination of a square bow, the latest trend of YAMAHA boats, and the W.T.B. (Wave Thruster Blade) has now been fused with the latest development – the "Step Hull." The deck layout ensures there is minimal dead space and maximum storage space, and other organically arranged items of fishing equipment.
The boat also demonstrates high-level running performance, and, of course, basic performance characteristics of cruising and static stability, seaworthiness, and ride comfort. From the angler's perspective, the YFR-27EX is woven with an exciting range of additional functions.



In addition to the reverse chine that improves cruising stability, and the W.T.B. that proves effective in suppressing wind-related drift, this boat features a newly developed hull – effectively combining the Step Hull – that literally creates a step to the bottom of the stern.
This newly adopted step hull helps bring about outstanding directional performance in relation to the wind while helping ensure the comfort of passengers on the bridge.
This comes into play when, for example, the driver is carefully navigating toward a fishing point either forward or backward; splashing while the craft is moving in reverse is suppressed, which helps realize superb steering performance. In addition, the wide flare of the square bow reduces splashing as well as the impact of flying droplets washing over the deck while cruising. In addition, the expanded chine width and lowered center of gravity work to ensure greater static stability.


To reduce travel time to a fishing spot while maximizing ride comfort, you need a boat that exhibits superb seaworthiness. To create this type of craft, YAMAHA has adopted its unique integrated large W.T.B keel for this boat. By optimizing the W.T.B angle, the boat travels smoothly through low swells, or if the waves are higher, the boat reduces the impact of the hull hitting the water to help ensure greater ride comfort. At the same time, the adoption of reverse chine improves cruising stability and suppresses the impact of spray to provide passengers with a pleasant, dry cruising experience during offshore point changes.


The sharp, low-proportioned shape of the YFR-27EX is not only attractive in terms of design but also exhibits good wind-drift resistance by reducing the above-waterline area of the hull. Moreover, by adopting the Step Hull and moving the bridge further aft, the centers of both the above- and below-waterline areas get closer to each other and produce excellent wind-drift resistance. Thus, while exhibiting an equivalent level of passenger comfort to that of a cabin cruiser in the same class, it has achieved the same level of performance as that of fishing boats due to its impressive anti-drift reputation. This boat has good directional performance in relation to the wind and its position can be corrected with minimal steering operations. The wind drift suppression effect can be further improved by combining it with the optional low mast spanker.

Characteristics that minimize leeward bow movements (ease of return to the desired location)

As opposed to conventional outboard pleasure boats (Illustration D), it is difficult for the bow of the YFR-27EX (Illustration C) to turn downwind, which minimizes the steering operations required to correct the boat's direction.
In addition, in the case of drift fishing using the spanker (Illustration B), the boat exhibits a level of wind-drift resistance equivalent to that of an inboard fishing boat equipped with a spanker (Illustration A).

Drift suppression performance comparison


While this is an easy-to-steer 27-foot middle class boat, it boasts a remarkably wider fishing space – 147% larger compared to that of other YAMAHA craft in the same class. The impressive difference is due to the deck layout including the wide square bow, newly developed transom deck, wide sidewalk, and bridge.
The square bow is wide enough for two anglers to enjoy casting side by side. The design of the deck also makes fighting game, including yellow tail and others, easier.
The transom deck, one of the major characteristics of the YFR-27EX, functions as a secure platform for casting thanks in part to the special factory optional stern railing. The 305 mm wide sidewalk not only enables smooth movement from one deck to another, but is wide enough to be used as a casting space. Moreover, the YFR-27EX provides greater storage capacity – 137% larger compared to other YAMAHA boats in the same class – by effectively utilizing dead spaces inevitably created due to design. The space below both sidewalks can be used as storage areas for boat hooks and other long objects.
The interior of the bridge has been designed as a spacious living area that seats four adults. And the wide storage area beneath the cabin floor is suitable for storing large objects that can be passed through the large floor hatch.


Single screen of 7 inches LCD display provides a wealth of information on your boating and fishing. You can properly monitor the performance of your boat and outboards by Yamaha's new system named as "CL7". It is possible to customize setting for your preferences on the screen contents such as, steering friction, display appearance and auto-off power-down timing. You can also monitor critical boat stats such as battery charge level, fuel flow and economy rudder angle.
With new functionality and software upgrades, the CL7 has Command Link™ capacity, which includes gauge integration, mapping and several networking.

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