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Detail : YFR-27EX

Introduction to details of the boat's interior and exterior.



All functions and fittings to meet anglers' requirements for a comfortable fishing experience.

Largest fishing area in a boat of this class that also fulfills required fishing functions. Top level storage capacity that is second-to-none in its class, coupled with a high quality, streamlined design to transport anglers to a new level of fishing enjoyment.

The YFR-27EX, satisfying many wishes and requirements of anglers.
The functional deck layout incorporating a wide square bow and broad stern deck, a newly adopted transom deck, hull, and bridge. These characteristics have helped ensure this 27-foot craft has top-of-the-class fishing space (147% compared with other YAMAHA boats in the same class.) The bow deck is fitted with a higher bow rail to ensure greater safety and security, a special factory optional stern railing on the transom deck, and a low-mast spanker (option) that all work together to satisfy a wide range of fishing requirements and styles.
Dead spaces have been effectively utilized to create a total storage capacity that is 137% larger than that of other YAMAHA boats in the same class. The cleverly designed bridge interior provides ample living space and seating for four adults, while simultaneously ensuring wide sidewalks can be positioned around the bridge. Moreover, by utilizing the step created by the difference in height between the fore and aft decks, the space under the sidewalks can be used to store boat hooks and other long objects. In addition, the bow and stern lockers are conveniently positioned to enhance the functionality of this craft.

Bow deck

Thanks to the square bow design, the angling area of this craft is 153% wider than that of our other boats in the same class. The large bow railing creates a sense of safety when anglers are fighting to land a big catch.

Stern deck

The wide, flat deck area has been designed taking anglers' fish fighting movements into consideration. The open gunwale also functions to assist anglers when they are fighting to land fish. The boat's artificial wood top makes mounting of the optional embedded rod holder easier, simultaneously enhancing the craft's stylish looks.


Bowsprit convenient for anchoring and getting on or off the boat from the bow. Anchor roller and railing ensure safe deck work.

Bow locker & Anchor winch

Bow locker for storing anchors and anchor rope. If casting from the bow, the optional anchor winch can be placed inside the locker.

Bow fishing seat & Caddy Air intake OPTION

Seating space is provided at the center of the bow deck. An air intake (option) can be fitted to light and ventilate the cady.

Front window & Wiper

Side window

Sliding side window is adopted for both sides of the boat.


The 305 mm-wide sidewalk on both sides of the bridge helps ensure ease of movement between the decks while also functioning as a fishing space.

Side storage

Spaces under the sidewalks can store long objects of up to approximately 2.2 m in length on the starboard side and approximately 1.6 m on the port side.

Sliding cabin door

Adoption of a sliding door with a large opening permits ample light to enter, and easy entry, to the cabin, while the hand rails fitted on both sides help ensure passenger stability.

Aft station

An aft station has been built on the starboard side of the cabin entrance.

Livewell and Livewell scupper (EZ cap)

A livewell to store bumper fish hauls is available in the center of the stern deck. The livewell can be used with the EZ cap attached to the scupper. The EZ cap is highly effective at rectifying the current and water level. Since the number of revolutions required to fasten the cap can be adjusted, the force of shooting water can be reduced. In addition, when water is draining through the scupper while the boat is moving, the cap prevents landed fish from being sucked on to the scupper.

EZ cap

Turn the cap fully four (4) revolutions to return the normal opening area.

Stern locker

Transom deck & rail FACTORY OPTION

The transom deck has been arranged around the outboard engine. When fitted with a factory optional stern rail, the deck transforms into a functional fishing platform with space on both sides for storing fenders and other objects.

Low-mast spanker OPTION

An optional low-mast spanker can be fitted on the port side of the transom deck to help keep the boat directed into the wind.


Happy hours spent on board with friends continue during a lull in the fishing or while moving to the next fishing spot.

The boat provides a relaxing living space for four, and comes equipped with damper-equipped seats for the driver and navigator, as well as a passenger seat for two. In addition to the craft's fishing-related functions, the YFR-27EX features a large capacity middle locker and private toilet as standard features, and the bow berth can be used as a relaxation space for napping and resting.


Easy-to-read instruments and switches are positioned within easy reach, while the optional fan can introduce fresh air and provide an air conditioning effect inside the cockpit. Fresh air blown by the fan can be directed at the front windshield for a defogging effect.

* The fans effectiveness as an air conditioner and defogger depends on various conditions.

Bow berth

The bow berth is sufficiently wide to be used as a comfortable napping space, and cushions (forward position) are provided as standard fittings. In addition, there is additional storage space under the floor.

Driver's seat

The driver's seat, featuring a hydraulic damper, can be moved to an optimal position to reduce driver fatigue during long cruises.

Navigator seat

The navigator's seat provides a wide frontal field of view and allows the navigator to look out for currents, shoals of fish, floating objects, and the boat's course with the same line of sight as the driver's.

Private toilet

Private toilet equipped with electric marine toilet, roll paper holder, and interior light.

Space for navigational instruments

The dashboard is large enough for a 10.4 inch GPS fish finder display and similarly sized radar screen to be installed.

Passenger seat

A bench seat large enough to seat two adults seated sideways is fitted on the port side aft of the cabin.

Passenger seat

Flipping the seat upwards reveals an access opening to the mid-section locker that is suitable for storing bulky objects.

Storage under driver's seat

Storage area for small objects is under the driver's seat.

Air-intake (Bridge) OPTION

Natural light and fresh air can be directed into the bridge (option).

Switch panel

  • The photos in the catalog contain optional and voluntary fittings and gadgetry for photographic purposes.
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