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Technology : YFR-24EX

We are happy to introduce you to YAMAHA Technologies that have been created based on our extensive track record and experience.


01Fishing Functions


What YAMAHA took up as a challenge to embody anglers' dreams and ideals was to build a fishing craft that satisfies - or better still - exceeds boat anglers' expectations. To further evolve the YF-23EX, which has enjoyed tremendous support from boat anglers, it was essential to give it a bold and extensive upgrade instead of merely making superficial improvements. Accordingly, we began development by gathering a wide range of ideas from a zero base while ruling out all stereotypical concepts. As a result, a more spacious, wider–hulled, 24-foot-long fishing vessel was born (approximately 10% larger than our existing boat).

Casting from the bow
Two persons casting at the bow
Casting from the Stern

Once a boat angler takes a look at this boat, he will surely come up with great ideas on how to use it.

Moreover, the height of the bow rail (option) has been set to support the angler below the waist, allowing the angler to concentrate on casting. In addition, the fore section of the bridge is very effective for fishing in the seated position. The bridge side walkway has been widened to facilitate the angler's movement between the decks, as well as to be used as fishing space.
Both sides of the motor well at the stern are available as casting space. At the same time, this layout enables both sides to be used for sitting. The stern rail (option) can be used efficiently for fishing at the transom.
As a result, the YFR-24EX's form is the realization of the angler's ideal.

02Cruising performance


The true nature of a boat is expressed through its running performance. Therefore, it is the most important factor when many anglers choose their boat. At Yamaha, we relentlessly pursue technical advances in order to develop new technologies.
These technologies include Yamaha's originally developed wave-thruster blades (WTB) on the hull that achieve superior riding comfort, wave running performance, and maneuverability.
By adopting the WTB, the YFR-24EX's straight-line performance has been enhanced.

Slicing the waves and separating the sprays - the rhythmical contact with the waves feels good.

Moreover, this design resulted in compliant maneuverability even during turns. The area in which the WTB's bow end cuts into the waves has been angled sharply in order to dampen the shocks created through contact with the waves. This brought the boat's riding comfort one level higher (vertical shock reduced approximately 20%).
Along with the adoption of the square bow shape, the fore section has adopted a straight chine shape with a spacious chine. This resulted in a wide flare that recurves much greater than conventional vessels. Thus, the straight chine turns the spray, which is created during motion, outward. Moreover, the wide flare restrains the sprays that walk up the hull. These measures helped realize an exceptionally dry boat.
The large fuel tank holds 200 liters of fuel. In addition to providing superior motor performance, Yamaha outboard motors achieve an excellent balance of economical and reliable operation, clean exhaust gases, low noise, and low vibrations. Matched optimally with the high-performance hull, the boat achieves superior running performance.

* Certain graphics in this brochure may vary from the latest version.

03Stable Performance


The stable performance of a boat while it is in motion or at a standstill is the boat's basic performance that gives its occupants peace of mind while enjoying various types of boating activities. In particular, the boat's static stability is a key point for fishing. The reverse chine provided on the hull, which is the basis of the anti-rolling blades (ARB), minimizes the rolling of the boat in motion and achieves superior cruising stability *1. Combined with the side sponson, this feature enhances the boat's static stability *2 on the waves.

During straight-line travel, rolling changes with waves: 40% approximate reduction.
Rolling changes in waves: 15% approximate reduction
Ample stability while fishing with three people on one side

The YFR-24EX's superb stability and drift suppression performance will take you to the next level of boat fishing.

The wide chine lightens *1 the tilt of the hull when passengers move on the deck while the boat is docked. Furthermore, the straight chine reduces *2 the rolling of the hull when an angler is casting at the bow.
The dipping or tipping of the boat while people are boarding is also minimized, thus enhancing their peace of mind *3.
To thoroughly enjoy boat fishing, drift suppression performance of the elements that anglers look for in a fishing boat. Because outboard motor boats have their engines all the way in the back, has been an extremely difficult issue to address.
Along with the adoption of the new WTB, the YFR-24EX has lowered height of its bridge to reduce the area that is exposed to the wind. improves the boat's maneuverability while reaching or leaving the shore and achieves superior drift suppression performance.

20% approximate reduction
25% approximate reduction
maximum inclination: 20% approximate reduction; pitching stabilization: 50% approximate improvement

Figures *1 to 3 are those compared to Yamaha's previous model.

Drift suppression performance comparison

04Product Design

NEXT STAGE "Form Follows Function"

Yamaha designed the fishing boat exterior based on the concept of "Form Follows Function". In addition to visually emphasizing its sportiness, this exterior is superbly designed for functionality as well.

05Next Stage "Form Follows Function"

The YFR-24EX has soft curves and the structural line that flows from the square bow to the hull side draws attention to the hull form, while contributing to the rigidity of the boat.
The bridge side design takes ergonomics into account. The entire bridge has a low, sharp design for a low center-of-gravity. Moreover, the boat's storage capacity has been increased significantly.
The console has been designed to achieve a layout with functionality in mind. To achieve optimal riding positions and visibility for the anglers, a free layout space has been provided under the front window for placing a GPS fish finder or radar, instead of placing built-in devices.
The YFR-24EX has been thoroughly developed by adopting optimal design and quality from the angler's perspective. Thus, it has evolved into a boat that is worthy to be called Yamaha's "fishing innovation".

* The figures are those compared to Yamaha's previous model.

Cabin door
There is a minimal offset between the cabin floor and the aft deck. This allows the boat's occupants to easily enter or exit through the door, and to adapt quickly to sudden tackle changes.

Caddy entrance curtain
A curtain is used to separate the caddy from the cabin. This allows for smooth tackle changes.

To accommodate various fishing styles of seasoned anglers, the caddy has ample room to store rods, reels, tackle boxes, and numerous other items and accessories.

Deck hatches
All of the hatches are flush with the deck so that they do not create any uneven surfaces, thus making it easier to move around the deck and allowing anglers' to feel more secure when performing fishing actions.


Single screen of 7 inches LCD display provides a wealth of information on your boating and fishing. You can properly monitor the performance of your boat and outboards by Yamaha's new system named as "CL7". It is possible to customize setting for your preferences on the screen contents such as, steering friction, display appearance and auto-off power-down timing. You can also monitor critical boat stats such as battery charge level, fuel flow and economy rudder angle.
With new functionality and software upgrades, the CL7 has Command Link™ capacity, which includes gauge integration, mapping and several networking.

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