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YAMAHA's most advanced technologies have been combined to create a low, wide hull shape. Presenting a fishing boat developed from an anglers' viewpoint.


OPTIMUM BOAT in anticipation of anglers on the water

The YFR-24EX is reborn with revolution from its original model.
Newly outfitted items attract the anglers by this boat. With remaining the original high running performance and stability by the wave-thruster blades, anti-rolling blades, and wide flares, the appliance is improved by the advanced multifunction gauge. The new driver’s seat proves comfortability of boating for aimed fishing spot. The exterior features also provides splendid fishing functions.
This boat is overwhelming support for anglers as standard class of boat fishing.

External View

Main Specs

Model Code E3U2
Length 7.20 m
Width 2.59 m
Depth 1.64 m
Dry Weight 1,280 kg
Complete Mass F130: 1,458 kg
F175: 1,501 kg
F200: 1,503 kg
Engine Output F130: 95.6 kW [130 ps]
F175: 128.7 kW [175 ps]
F200: 147.1 kW [200 ps]
Displacement 200 L
Occupant Capacity 8 persons

Main Fittings - Exterior

Bow deck
Bow locker
Bow cleat × 2
Bow split F
Side box *1 OP
Bow rail OP
Cleat (for anchor winch) OP
Anchor winch ACC
Anchor davit ACC
3-directional rollers ACC
3-directional rollers base *2 OP
Two can be added to the bow deck side, and two can be added to the stern deck side.
Needed for installing the 3-directional rollers.
Front & Side windows
Window washer & tank
Rear slide door
Port side slide window F
Navigation light set OP
Navigation light mast set OP
Hardtop air intake OP
Radar mast ACC
Solar panel ACC
Stern deck
Livewell scupper
Artificial wood gunwale top
Stern cleat × 2
Stern locker
Floor scupper
Battery space (stores 2)
Double battery system (for F115) *3 OP
Stationary fuel tank (200 L)
Transom step (for port side) F
Transom step (for starboard side) F
Stern bench seat F
Deck wash OP
Deck light ACC
Side storage × 2
Stern rail (for starboard side) OP
Stern rail (for port side) OP
Transom ladder *4 ACC
Embedded rod holder ACC
Spanker bracket *5 OP
Spanker (standard type) *6 ACC
Spanker (low mast type) *6 ACC
A solar panel, an optional accessory, will be required.
A fitting kit (genuine option) is required for installing a transom ladder, as well as a fitting hardware set (optional accessory).
Needed for installing the spanker.
A special knowledge is required for installing and using a spanker. Contact a Yamaha dealer before installing.
Side sponson
Hull boat side graphic F
Hull color (black) F

Main Fittings - Interior

Multifunction gauge (CL7)
Instrument panel with hairline texture
Driver's seat
Drink holder
Passenger seat OP
Compass ACC
GPS fish finder ACC
Radar ACC
Caddy floor OP
Caddy air intake OP
Caddy curtain OP
Caddy light ACC
Electric toilet ACC
Toilet fitting kit *2 OP
Piping for toilet, and paper holder are included; toilet itself is sold separately.

Main Fittings - Other

Steering gear
Steering wheel
Steering system (manual hydraulic type)
Remote control assembly
Electric component
Breaker panel
Switch panel
Battery switch
Breaker panel (for toilet, deck light, deck wash) OP
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