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Technology : SR310

We are happy to introduce you to YAMAHA Technologies that have been created based on our extensive track record and experience.


01New Conception

A new cornerstone is born from a new idea.

By bringing together our knowledge and skills as the top boat builder in Japan, we have achieved another innovation in the world of boat-building.
YAMAHA utilized two innovative approaches when creating the YAMAHA SR310:
To maximally draw out and utilize the features of world-famous YAMAHA outboards, and to drastically expand their potential by utilizing new ideas that break free from the traditional restrictions of outboards.
One answer was created from these two approaches - the YAMAHA SR310.

* The photo includes options and photographic accessories.

* Please wear footwear except when on the sofa-bed or when swimming.


A totally new shape that will jolt your conventional concept of beauty.

With one look at this boat, you may see the beginning of a completely new world.
From the glamorous square bow line, the solid-looking windshield, the flowing curves of the side windshields, and an innovatively-shaped rear, this craft will completely change the way you think about outboard motor boats. Breaking free of old design rules, this craft embodies a new sense of beauty.

A revolution in transom design that paves the way for exciting innovations in outboard motor boat design

While conventional outboard motor boat design unyieldingly resisted bold steps to improve the area around the engine, the YAMAHA SR310 has adopted a novel wide platform layout with unprecedented hydrophilic characteristics by adopting a new transom layout that makes entering the water easier than ever.

* Patent pending (International Application No.PCT/JP2010/000116)

Wide deck space expands the potential of your boating experience

Deciding how to create more space for anglers to enjoy comfort and convenience was another driving theme behind the development of this craft. To realize this, we worked to increase the size of the deck area by designing a wide, square-shaped bow, an L-shaped lounge seat, and a sun bed positioned above the outboard engine, all of which make boating a richer and more worthwhile experience.

A spacious interior unique to outboard motor boats.

A spacious interior is one of the major advantages of outboard motor boats.
Providing a boat with a wider and more unconstrained interior has the potential to enhance the appeal of outboard motor boats.
With a roomy main cabin and relaxing middle berth, the boat's wide interior space enhances comfort and promotes relaxation.

The square bow also helps make boating a drier, more comfortable experience.

The widely expanded deck area allows crew to use ropes and other equipment with ease. In addition, the larger bow flare effectively rolls back waves impacting the bow away from the boat.
Moreover, the wider bow berth inside the cabin creates a more relaxing seating experience in the lounge area.


"A.R.B." delivers outstanding stability

Unique A.R.B.(Anti-Rolling Blade) with downward angled chine and blade positioned on the hull. The simulation technologies of Yamaha's unique boat development system – YAMAHA Performance Development System (Y.P.D.S.) – and associated tuning engineering techniques have been fully utilized to achieve a high-level of boat stability. Thanks to highly refined production techniques that enable changes to be made down to millimeter level, the SR310 boasts not only static stability during mooring maneuvers, but also lateral stability on rough seas and drive stability when cruising.

YAMAHA's unique "W.T.B." delivers outstanding riding comfort

The W.T.B. with its unique pinched shape running along the bottom of the hull generates large resistance in water and prevents the bow from turning leeward while reducing wind drift distance compared to that of inboard boats.
In addition, the deep V-angled blade helps soften and sharply reduce the impact of the boat hitting the sea surface, thereby enhancing ride comfort.

Drive DNA that determines the boat's quality as a super sporting craft.

Another major challenge involved in creating this craft was to take the many generations of YAMAHA's heritage "DNA" to still higher levels. The lightweight hull is the result of proprietary design technologies and high-precision production engineering capabilities, and the final hull design was reached after much trial and error in pursuit of the ideal match of the hull and a powerful engine. It is no exaggeration to say that the essence of YAMAHA's engineering excellence has been condensed into this boat.

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