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Technology : SR-X

We are happy to introduce you to YAMAHA Technologies that have been created based on our extensive track record and experience.


An All-New Extreme

At the heart of Yamaha Motor engineering and design, there has always been a guiding principle to take the customers' point of view and to turn the results into products that move the user with the special mix of excitement and deep satisfaction we call Kando in Japanese.
This philosophy was the starting point and basis for the development of the SR-X.

Shaped by know-how, technology and Yamaha brand quality garnered from more than half a century of experience bui lding boats and marine engines, the SR-X is a boat full of innovative new ideas that make its high-level mix of functionality and performance possible.
That includes great drivability, a highly rigid body that boosts performance to new levels, a deck layout that makes optimum use of space on the compact body, plus outstanding stability and resistance to wind-drift when at rest on the water that anglers will especially appreciate.
These of ten conflicting characteristics are wrapped in a beautifully crafted exterior design, all achieved with an uncompromising, high-level balance of form and function.

01Less side rolling means more on-board comfort

Our exclusive system for boat development, the Yamaha Performance Development System (Y.P.D.S.), uses the latest simulation technology where the effects of every adjustment down to a millimeter or single degree of angle in the design are verifiable. The width of the hull and the contours of the bottom are designed to best fit the expected uses of the boat, and the chine portion of the hull employs the Yamaha-exclusive Anti-Rolling Blade (A.R.B.). Together with the side sponson (option), this highly evolved design not only inhibits rolling of the boat but also functions to absorb and lessen whatever rolling does occur. The boat's keel also features the Wave Thruster Blade (W.T.B.) that helps soften shock when the boat comes down from a wave, with the bow portion designed to effectively reduce vertical and forward-aft g-forces. Utilizing these technologies, the SR-X's ride and on-board comfort will serve you well on those weekend fishing trips.

02Staying in position

The W.T.B. is designed to minimize wind-drift and keep the boat at the point you want on the water for as long as possible. On the hull of the newly developed SR-X, the balance of the W.T.B. is arranged to achieve the highest level of wind-drift resistance in its class. On top of that, it is also designed with boat handling in mind for easier steering and docking.

03Extensive analysis and prototype testing

Our engineers use structural analysis technology and 3D design technology for shaping the manufacturing molds to ensure that all Yamaha boats are constructed with a consistently high level of quality. The objective is to trim unnecessary thickness from hull and deck portions and achieve a good overall weight balance without compromising seaworthiness, structural rigidity and strength. Structural analysis simulations and thorough durability testing of prototypes on the water are done to check the effects of factors like pressure from the water, acceleration and stress on the various parts of the boat. It is this use of repeated analytical simulations and prototype testing that produces and ensures unmistakable Yamaha quality.

Innovative squared bow design

One of the defining features of the SR-X is its prominent square-shaped bow. While giving the boat a distinguishable character, this shape enables much more room to fish on the bow deck.

Spacious deck for up to four anglers

The deck layout makes optimum use of the space on this compact boat to ensure hassle-free fishing for four anglers at once.

A.R.B. for class-beating stability

Yamaha's exclusive Anti-Rolling Blade chine with its downward angle and the optional side sponson give the SR-X excellent lateral stability at all times, whether you're stopped or cruising.

W.T.B. for exceptional wind-drift resistance

The Wave Thruster Blade is a unique Yamaha hull design feature and key to the SR-X's top-notch anti-drift performance, smoother steering and easier maneuvering while docking or undocking.

Wide hull flare for less spray and a drier ride

The squared bow design creates a larger front flare; this combines with the chine shapes to inhibit spray from the water while cruising to keep you drier and more comfortable.

The outboard of choice for boaters worldwide

You get not only Yamaha's legendary reliability and durability but heaps of powerful yet environmentally friendly performance as well.

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