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A boat designed in pursuit of the most optimal balance of design, performance, functionality, specifications and price.


An All-New Extreme

Its "style" excites the DNA.
Everything about the SR-X's image, design and performance feels like it's there for one purpose - to bring out the fullest enjoyment from every moment on the water. This revolutionary style seems to strike a chord deep in our DNA, and it can only be described as An All-New Extreme.

External View

Main Specs

Registered Model E3X1
Length 6.25 m
Width 2.28 m
Depth 1.29 m
Dry Weight F115: 783 kg
F90: 766 kg
F70: 766 kg
Complete Mass F115: 993 kg
F90: 952 kg
F70: 902 kg
Engine Output F115: 84.6 kW [115 ps]
F90: 66.2 kW [90 ps]
F70: 51.5 kW [70 ps]
Displacement 100 L
Occupant Capacity 5 persons

Main Fittings

Drain plug
Anchor locker drain
Cleat × 2
Bow hatch
Bow locker
Bow rail OP
Side box OP
Navigation light set OP
Anchoring plate OP
Windlass ACC
3-directional rollers ACC
Anchor davit ACC
Stern hatch
Livewell scupper
Hand rail × 2
Cleat × 2
Battery box (2 units possible)
Deck drain scupper
Independent fuel tank (24 L) ACC
Stationary fuel tank (100 L)
Transom ladder OP
Stern rail OP
Side sponson OP
Rear seat cushions OP
Terminal block (for battery terminals) OP
Auxiliary bracket *1 OP
Spanker (standard type) *2 ACC
Spanker (low mast type) *2 ACC
Available for F70 only
A special knowledge is required for installing and using a spanker. Contact a Yamaha dealer before installing.
Hand rail × 3
Manual hydraulic steering
Cuddy entrance hatch
Remote control
Driver's seat (2 persons)
Seat base
Canopy (FRP awning) *3 F
Carbon-styled instrument panel OP
Large electronics (navigation) box OP
Cuddy port light OP
Cabin hatch & Breaker panel OP
Terminal block (backup terminal) ACC
Mast navigation light set (no canopy) OP
Mast navigation light set (with canopy) OP
High-grade steering wheel OP
Rear view mirrors OP
Special enclosure for SR-X only OP
Electric toilet ACC
Room light ACC
Livewell inspection hatch ACC
Rod holder (side mounted) ACC
Rod holder (flush mount) ACC
GPS fish finder ACC
Compass ACC
Applicable to F115/F90/F70
Emblem kit F
Auxiliary battery charger solar panel ACC
Battery switch

Color Variation

Hull Gun metallic / Dark blue
Canopy / Seat base Gun metallic
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