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Detail : S-QUALO

Introduction to details of the boat's interior and exterior.



The exhilaration you experience when feeling the wind, crashing waves and boat speeding through the water.
The sense of exaltation you feel when you are fishing and feel a fish bite.
These are the finest types of excitement that you can only experience on the ocean.
The powerful engine and newly structured lighter body help provide thrilling boating experiences.
The double thruster makes arriving at and leaving the shore smooth and easy.
You can enjoy cruising to your heart's content.

Bow deck

We increased the size of the deck area by building a square bow. Crew can use ropes and other equipment with ease.

Bow skylight hatch

The skylight hatch enables fresh air and light to enter the bow berth.

Bow skylight hatch

Electric sun roof OPTION

You can enjoy the air, light, sea breeze and spaciousness of the ocean even when you are in the cabin.


Aft bench cushion OPTION

A cushion is attached to the aft bench where you will experience the ocean with all of your senses. The bench is soft and comfortable to sit on.

Side pad OPTION

The softness is a result of usage of a gunwale side pad. This helps provide a more comfortable sailing experience.

Side window

Side window with a beautiful line that emphasizes its styling. A privacy window has been added to block sunlight. (port)

Side window

S-QUALO logo

The winding "S" curve of the bow's flare and the "S" expressing the soft profile of the side view give an impressive feel to the logo design.

Cabin door

The sliding doors make entering and exiting easy, and do not create dead space when they are opened or closed.

Aft-deck shower OPTION

A fresh water shower is installed at the entrance of the cabin. You can wash away salt water and dirt.

Swimming ladder OPTION

A swimming ladder makes it easy to enter the sea.

Livewell hatch

Capacious livewell hatch for dedicated anglers.

Motor well board

You can push it down when you tilt up the engine. The motor well board is collapsible.

Double thruster [bow & stern] OPTION

Arriving at and leaving the shore is easy on windy days or in small spaces.


We created a comfortable, relaxing cabin by skillfully laying out interior space.
Utilizing clear horizontal zebra wood marking lines, we emphasized horizontal directionality to produce a sense of spaciousness.
When coordinating colors, we created a gradient by layering black, brown and beige from the bottom to create an unconstrained atmosphere.
In addition, we selected a rough-hewn linen blend fabric to help create the feeling of a resort.
An air conditioner, installed as standard, will give you the pleasure of cooling off right after being outside in the hot sun.

Lounge seat

Pleasant to touch, the rough-hewn linen blend fabric of the seat helps create a resort-like feeling.


It creates a simple, fine, sophisticated impression. Drink holders are included.

Seat with a back

The perfect angle gives you a sense of relaxation. You can sit on the lounge seat, stretching out your legs.


Galley table

A round stainless bowl is installed in a handy galley table.

Cockpit (dashboard and digital meter)

We paid special attention to visibility and functionality when designing the cockpit. Beige-colored zebra wood panels were used to create an inviting interior atmosphere.

Wide driver's seat

Wide comfortable driver's seat. By using the same fabric as that of the lounge seat, we produced a sense of unity.


A fine steering wheel covering with a material-like feel was selected.

Hand rail

Installed on the side of the steps. It helps when walking up or down the steps.

Bow berth

Sufficient space for two adults to lie down comfortably. We also built storage space under the bow berth.


Marine toilet

A private toilet is provided. It is large enough to be used as a changing room.

Lower berth

On the portside, an under berth is provided that is large enough for an adult to lie down on.

Lower berth skylight OPTION

A skylight is installed in the under berth.


Bow berth curtain OPTION

As it covers the entrance to the bow berth, it is easy to protect privacy.

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