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Leading edge body design with trendy square bow. This function-packed model meets users' high-level requirements.



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Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia

Freedom in the ocean will be yours

Speed × Square × Stability.
Designers of this craft were given a key task: explore the three elements to attain the ultimate "S".

A function-packed model integrating a leading edge square-bowed body with many additional options that will exceed users' expectations. Loaded with potential to experience many fun activities including cruising, fishing, and simply enjoying the view.
Pilot a boat as you please and sail to your heart's content.
Make the ocean your weekend getaway destination. Enjoy your boating life.
Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.
To own this boat is to receive new freedom.

External View

Main Specs

Registered Model E3S3
Length 8.84 m
Width 2.69 m
Depth 1.77 m
Dry Weight 2,280 kg
Complete Mass 2,583 kg
Engine Type F300BETU
Engine Output 220.7 kW [300 ps]
Displacement 350 L
Freshwater Tank Capacity 56 L
Occupant Capacity 10 persons

Main Fittings - Exterior

Bow deck
Windlass ACC
Anchor ACC
Bow cleat (for windlass) ACC
Bow roller
Bow cleat
Bow locker
Bow skylight hatch
Bow rail
Stern cleat
Livewell hatch
Livewell scupper
Fuel tank hatch
Motor well board
Aft bench cushion OP
Stern rail
Storm rail
Storm rail (at rear of cabin)
Swimming ladder ACC
Rod holder ACC
Cabin door
Side pad OP
Deck wash OP
Aft-deck shower OP
Deck light ACC
Side deck
Spring cleat OP
Storm rails (cabin sides)

Main Fittings - Interior

Front window
Side window
Electric sun roof F
Air-intake *1 OP
Window washer
Lounge seat
Seat with a back
Table OP
Hand rail
Galley table
Sink and faucet (F300)
Cabin light
Inverter receptacle
Audio ACC
It cannot be installed when an electric sun roof is installed.
Bow berth
Bow berth cushion
Bow berth lower storage
Bow berth curtain OP
Bow berth mirror
Bow berth light
Powder room
Toilet door
Toilet room
Electric toilet
Paper holder
Toilet mirror
Toilet room light
Lower berth
Lower berth skylight F
Lower berth space
Lower berth floor OP
Under berth cushion OP
Lower berth light OP
Driver seat (wide)
Wood-grain dash panel
Compass ACC
Manual hydraulic steering
Digital tachometer
Digital speed & Fuel meter *2
Switch panel
GPS fish finder ACC
A separate speed sensor is required to use the speed display function.

Main Fittings - Other

Fresh water tank: 56 L
Fuel tank: 350 L
Anchor light
Navigation light
Underwater light ACC
Bow thruster F
Stern thruster F
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