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Detail : FR-23 ActiveSedan

Introduction to details of the boat's interior and exterior.



Stylish, sophisticated impression. We have adopted a classic-modern design to create long-lasting appeal and popularity.
The boat's functional beauty has been created in part by skillfully combining sharp straight lines and elegant curves.


Bow deck

The boat is finished with a flat, wide bow deck. The wide side deck helps ensure safety of passengers when they walk around the boat.

Stern deck

The wide, flat stern deck provides ample flexibility and options to support a range of marine activities.

* Aft bench seat cushion is optional.

Bow berth skylight hatch FACTORY OPTION

Opening the skylight hatch brings light and fresh air to the bow berth.


Sliding triangle window FACTORY OPTION

A sliding triangular side window aids ventilation.

2-way opening cabin door

The cabin door consists of two smaller doors to provide a sense of openness.

DC underwater light OPTION

The optional underwater lights help transform the transom to create fantastic overnight stays.


To get more enjoyment out of your boating experience, the cabin needs to be quite spacious. Ample space provided for relaxing and playing will put a smile on everyone's face.


Main cabin

The wide main cabin, becoming of a Multicruiser, is finished in bright colors and boasts comfortable areas to relax in.

Bow berth

The berth space has been designed with particular concern paid to maximizing size and height. The skylight hatch (factory option) and bow berth light provide sufficient illumination to the cabin.

Portside seat

When a cushion is placed in position, it turns the seat into a bench.

Portside seat

If set as a table, passengers can enjoy relaxing meals there.



The dark wood grain paneling of the dashboard imparts a sense of sophistication. Particular care has been taken to ensure instruments are highly visible and easy to operate.

Driver's seat

The stylishly designed driver's seat reduces steering fatigue.

Utility & Amenity

Space for placing the long objects

Sufficient storage space is provided to house long objects such as fishing rods.

Toilet room

The independent toilet compartment has ample height and width.

Cabin light

The ceiling-mounted cabin light can be adjusted to two levels of brightness as required.

Cabin table

Removing the center seat of the portside seat and it will be possible to set up the cabin table.

Electric sun roof FACTORY OPTION

By installing the electric sunroof, you can experience the sensation of being exposed to the sky, light, and sea breezes.

  • The photo includes options and photographic accessories.
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