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FR-23 ActiveSedan

This multi-berth model boasts high performance functionality and luxurious living areas to accommodate a variety of marine leisure activities.


FR-23 ActiveSedan

This model is sold at ...

Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia

Best choice for fishing, cruising and marine parties.

For those who yearn for special time away from their daily routines, who treasure happy hours spent with family, who want to spend quality time with friends, and for anyone wanting to get together with others to experience great times....
YAMAHA's development theme for this boat is "Refresh, Comfort and Safety."
This craft was designed as a multi-purpose vessel for fishing, cruising, marine parties and more, in fact, the Multi-cruiser is built to make these wishes and dreams comes true.


Wave Thruster Blade

YAMAHA's Wave Thruster Blade (W.T.B) looks as if the keel has been pinched out all the way from the bow to the stern. This unique hull shape enhances bow directionality, reduces drifting distance caused by wind, and makes it more difficult for the bow to be pushed downwind. Regarding the ride comfort of this boat, the deep V-angled hull has been proven to effectively improve onboard comfort by sharply reducing impact when the boat hits waves.

Roll suppression performance

Enlarged chine width has improved the craft's roll suppression performance when driving offshore in rough seas. The boat provides high level ride quality both when in motion and stationary.

External View

Main Specs

Registered Model E3M1
Length 7.09 m
Width 2.55 m
Depth 1.48 m
Dry Weight 1,525 kg
Complete Mass F150: 1,755 kg
F200: 1,752 kg
Engine Output F150: 110.3 kW [150 ps]
F200: 147.1 kW [200 ps]
Displacement 165 L
Occupant Capacity 8 persons

Main Fittings - Exterior

Bow locker
Bow rail
Bow split F
Windlass (free fall) ACC
Windlass foot switch (for free fall) ACC
Special chain and rope for free fall ACC
Window washer
Wiper (for starboard side)
Wiper (for port side)
Roof rail
Navigation light set
Mast set
Storm rail
2-way opening cabin door
Sliding triangle window F
Manual roof air intake OP
Electric sun roof F
Storage space under deck
Livewell scupper OP
Aft bench seat OP
Aft bench seat cushion OP
Transom step (for starboard side) F
Transom step (for port side) F
Transom rudder fitting kit OP
Deck wash set OP
Glove box OP
Deck light ACC
Transom ladder ACC
Spanker ACC

Main Fittings - Interior

Drink holder
Gadget tray
Cabin light
Portside seat cushion
Backrest for portside seat
Cabin table
Space for placing the long objects
Sunshade F
Starboard seat base & Cushion set OP
Cabin carpet F
Mini-clock ACC
Mini-barometer ACC
GPS fish finder ACC
Bow berth
Electric toilet
Toilet fitting set
Toilet accessory set
Bow berth light
Bow berth cushion
Bow berth skylight hatch F
Lower berth
Lower berth light
Lower berth skylight OP
  • An AC outlet is provided if the boat is equipped with shore power system or Be-Cool.

Main Fittings - Other

Hull color F
DC underwater light ACC
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