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Inshore fishing

A sport you can enjoy with the entire family

Chapter 4: Game fishing in inshore waters

This time I want to talk about inshore fishing in America. Since inshore fishing from a boat is done on comparatively calm water without the large waves often found in offshore waters, there is the added appeal that you can take the children along and enjoy the time on the water as a family. But, that doesn't mean it is simply for beginners, not by any means!

Plenty of fish to go for

In the U.S., I was able to experience a variety of different types of inshore angling in a number of shallower water areas and bays along the east and west coasts of Florida, in the mangrove coasts of southern Florida and in the Louisiana Delta. If you want to, you can go after some mighty big fish in inshore waters. Tarpon is a good example, and there are other fish like redfish and snook as well, all of which can be caught in sizes of over 20 lbs.

The types of game fish you go after vary with the region, but you will find varieties like redfish, snook, bluefish, crevalle jack, Atlantic Spanish mackerel, flounder, speckled trout and tarpon. Of course, there is the serious sport of only going after tarpon, which can grow to the size of a human adult, but it can also be fun fishing for a variety of different fish at the same time. In America, when you are able to catch three or four different game fish particular to a given region, it's called a "Grand Slam." This type of fishing is also popular among hardcore anglers.

One of the game fish that I particularly like and is easy to catch is the redfish shown in the photo here. The attraction of this fish is the sheer power of its pull after the strike. There are so many hardcore anglers who love going after redfish that there are even tournaments specifically for it, but it is also a fish that you can catch on family fishing trips with the kids along.

The redfish is a catch that will thrill you with the power of its fight after the strike

A different way to enjoy the boating life

There are a number of different types of boats used for this type of angling, but the most popular is probably a 20 to 22 ft. Bay Boat powered by an F150 outboard. Put simply, its popularity lies in its great versatility. Its size is such that you can take the kids along with assurance, and it has good stability on the water. With a sufficiently large Bay Boat, there is a wide range of uses you can take advantage of. You can fish in shallower inshore waters and, if the waves aren't too big, venture farther out from shore to go after game fish like snapper and grouper.

In terms of cost, the initial investment, maintenance costs and the cost for gasoline are far more affordable than the cost of an offshore boat. That means it is a boat that the middle class family can afford and enjoy the boating life with.

The affordability of the boat and the accessibility of waters to enjoy great angling is the real attraction of inshore fishing. I think it's a great way to get into the exciting sport of angling and to share it with family and friends.

I caught lots of redfish along with flounder and black drum. They are all delicious fish!
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