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Enjoying fishing in the great outdoors

The prize catch of the great wetlands of Brazil

Chapter 3: The prize catch of the great wetlands of Brazil

Let's take a look at the angling scene in Brazil's Pantanal region. The Pantanal wetlands cover a large area in the countries of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay and are fed by countless tributaries of the Paraguay River and the Parana River. The nutrient-rich waters supplied by these rivers nurture an unparalleled abundance of flora and fauna. And that abundance naturally includes a large number of game fish.

The dorado - a prize catch for any angler

One of the most popular of these for anglers in the Pantanal is a fish called dorado. The word dorado means golden in Spanish and Portuguese, and true to that name, the fish has a beautiful golden glaze across its head and belly. The mature fish has an average length of about one meter and a weight of about 7 kg, but there are said to be big ones weighing over 20 kg. As a game fish, the dorado is known as a fierce and bold fighter, and when it takes the lure, the reel of the fishing rod whines as the fish pulls away. It swims with a speed and jumps with a power you would not expect from a fish of its size. Once the fight is over, you will often find the lure battered and the hook bent out of shape. The dorado can certainly be considered one of the most formidable freshwater game fish anywhere in the world.

In Brazil's Pantanal region you will find many fishing lodges where you can rent a boat to go out fishing. Most are the type of aluminum boats you see in the photo with a tiller-steered outboard motor. Of course you will need the appropriate fishing gear, but this kind of boat is all you need for game fishing in the Pantanal. Yamaha holds a decisive lead in outboard market share here. Thanks to the durability of our outboards and the high quality of after-sales service available, we've earned the market's trust.

An aluminum boat powered by an outboard motor makes for enjoyable fishing
The dorado is known as a fierce and bold fighter

Explore the great wetlands with a hotel boat

Another attractive aspect of fishing for the dorado is the network of individual-room lodging facilities scattered around the region. Each lodging has a small fleet of outboard-powered aluminum boats, so visiting anglers can move from one lodging to the next and fish at different points around the vast Pantanal wetlands using the hotels' aluminum boats as your transportation.

The dorado is a game fish prized by anglers around the world, and in Japan, a country known for its large number of avid anglers, the famous author Takeshi Kaiko writes the dorado in one of his well-known books, saying how difficult it was to catch. I might mention that when I visited the Pantanal, I also tried but failed to find the dorado. But, it is that very difficulty of finding and battling the dorado that makes it such a prized catch among the legions of sport anglers around the world.

You can stay overnight on a large hotel boat with aluminum boats for fishing docked right outside
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