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Panorama, BRAZIL

How one Yamaha dealer supports marine leisure in Brazil

Service to support angling fans during their weekend getawaysPanorama, BRAZIL

The city of Panorama in the State of São Paulo serves as a fishing camp base for sport anglers that flock to the area on the weekends with their trailer-able boats. It is well equipped to provide an environment where many anglers can enjoy their time on the water with assurance. One of the reasons is the Yamaha Service network. This time, for a change of pace, we introduce the activities of the area's Yamaha dealer.

Panorama is a place where one can truly enjoy fishing in the great outdoors

For peace of mind out on the water

Panorama is known as a fishing camp base at the far western edge of the State of São Paulo. Anglers seeking game fish like the peacock bass and the dorado come here for the weekends, many driving the roughly 600 km from the city of São Paulo to get in their boats here and fish to their hearts' content.
Supporting the marine leisure lifestyle of users in the Panorama area is the MOTO-OESTE dealership. Starting its marine business eight years ago, it currently accounts for about 30% of all Yamaha outboard sales in Brazil.

"Of the outboards we handle, our largest-selling models are ones in the 15 to 60 hp range used to power 16- to 20-ft. class aluminum boats. The size of outboard customers choose is based on financial limitation to some degree, but also important are the range they travel in their boats and whether the engine itself can be transported easily. Rather than keeping their boats at a marina, most owners choose trailer-able boats they can keep at home. Also, a large part of the demand is for easily transportable smaller-horsepower outboards for use with rental boats. This is because the main system here is to use rental boats that the customers mount their own outboards on. In either case, however, the outstanding reliability and durability of Yamaha outboards make them the brand of overwhelming choice when customers make a purchase," says Mr. Moraes of MOTO-OESTE.

MOTO-OESTE particularly focuses on its service department that concentrates primarily on after-sales maintenance, something always encouraging for users. "We make a point of holding service campaigns at supermarkets, and at the river as well. We choose places where people will gather," says Mr. Moraes. "Although these are campaigns for the users, they also serve to make an appeal for the brand to people who happen to see the campaign event at these popular venues. By showing what a solid service system we have in place, I think we give many customers real peace of mind," he finishes.

Marinas fitted with launching slopes dot the area
Aluminum boats mounting mid-range outboard motors are the norm

Priority on customer trust and satisfaction

In Panorama and the surrounding area, where MOTO-OESTE is in charge of after-sales service, Yamaha outboards boast market-leading popularity. This is because they have gone far beyond simply selling products and worked to build a relationship of trust with their customers by putting in place a strong system for supporting their boating life that includes service campaigns and quick, reliable repairs when breakdowns occur. Mr. Moraes concludes, "We owe it to our concern for building a relationship of trust with the customers through our ongoing sales and service efforts."

Dealerships in Brazil like MOTO-OESTE are working diligently to offer unified 3S (Sales, Service, Spare parts) functions to customers. This means offering superior products, outstanding service capability at the dealership and solid after-sales customer follow-up in line with the characteristics of the inland water and the coastal water areas for greater overall customer satisfaction. These efforts by dealerships to make the Yamaha brand an unshakable presence can be found in not just Brazil, but all over the world as well.

MOTO-OESTE provides reassuring service for users coming to Panorama for the weekend
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