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Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

The marine leisure scene in Brazil's State of Rio de Janeiro

The vast interior and ocean coastline dotted with islands epitomize Brazil's marine appealRio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

In 2014, Brazil will be hosting the FIFA World Cup, and in 2016 it will host the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. And of course, there are many other things associated with Brazil, like the Rio Carnival, coffee and Bossa Nova that have long attracted people's attention to the country.

Enjoying marine leisure with Corcovado in the distance

Let's take a look at the conditions of Brazil's boating world

What about the boating market in Brazil? Let's take a look at the conditions of Brazil's boating world today. Brazil's marine market can be divided into three areas where people enjoy leisure boating: the inland areas of the Amazon Basin in the north, the Pantanal wetlands in the west and the Atlantic coastal area surrounding cities like Rio de Janeiro.

Markets like the Amazon and Pantanal wetlands in the interior are characterized by the use of aluminum boats mounting outboard models ranging from 15 to 90 hp on inland rivers for enjoying angling. In these rivers are exciting game fish coveted by angling enthusiasts the world over like the golden colored dorado and the giant pirarucu (or arapaima), one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. In addition to Brazilians who enjoy angling in these waters, you will also find many fishing guide services catering to angling enthusiasts from all over the world to fish in this vast wonderland with all its natural beauty.

Aluminum boats ply the river waters around the city of Panorama, known as a fishing camp base on the border of the state of Sao Paulo

A bay dotted with more than 130 large and small islands

Even after the capital was moved to Brasilia and Sao Paulo became the country's economic center, Rio de Janeiro has remained the symbol of Brazil in the hearts of the people. The city's harbor is counted as one of the three most beautiful in the world and its famous sites like the peak of Corcovado and the beach at Ipanema are always buzzing with tourists.

Rio's marine scene begins in Guanabara Bay. Ringed by cities like Rio and Niteroi, the bay is dotted with some 130 large and small islands. Four of Brazil's most famous marinas are found here on Guanabara Bay, and besides the marinas there are numerous mooring places for boats. On weekends you will see many people out in their boats cruising on the bay.

The main way people use boats in Rio is for cruising. In Brazil you will notice the strong influence of European culture on recreation when it comes to motor vehicles, and the marine leisure style found here in Brazil is no exception to that rule.

Rio de Janeiro has quiet marinas that seem a world away from the bustle of the city streets
The beautiful bay here at Rio de Janeiro is the reason for the city's reputation as one of the three most beautiful ports in the world

The beautiful old town of Paraty

Besides the metropolitan areas, the state of Rio de Janeiro has a number of beautiful port towns scattered around the coast of the sea with its many islands.

The old port of Paraty (or Parati) located about halfway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo is one of these. It is said that when the Portuguese first came to this area of Brazil in 1500, they called it "the land closest to paradise." Half a century later, sugarcane plantations were established here and many more people immigrated to the area. Later at the end of the 17th century when a vein of gold was discovered, a gold rush followed, and Paraty flourished as a shipping port for the mined gold.

Here you will find a picturesque marina set against the backdrop of the charming old town. One way to enjoy boating here is a slow cruise through the canals that run through the town, but an even stronger lure for many will be the chance to head out and explore the surrounding sea. The bay in front of the city is dotted with numerous islands. One of the smallest has a pontoon pier where you can dock your boat. This little island is occupied by just one restaurant. Only a boat can bring you to a little bit of paradise like this, reminding us once again of how wonderful boating can be.

The old town of Paraty in the state of Rio de Janeiro
One of the smallest islands in the bay has a restaurant only reachable by boat
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