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Enjoy Motorboats

A guide to the many types of boating fun, from cruising to sport fishing, wakeboard towing and more

Chapter 1: The wonderful world of boating

While cruising on the water is in itself a pleasurable experience, a boat can also be a ticket to sport and adventure and open up new worlds of enjoyment. Chapter 1 introduces just a few of the way in which a boat can be enjoyed.


At the dawn of history, people stood at the edge of the sea or a lake and felt the urge to cross to the other side. At first they grasped pieces of wood washed up on shore, clung to flotation devices that they created from animal skins, or fashioned rafts out of branches・ But today we have the advantage of motorboats. These enable us to turn our backs on the land and head out to open waters. Our destination may simply be an island on the horizon, but the action of "crossing the water," a powerful attraction for so long, ignites an exciting sense of adventure within. We love the sensation of cruising from island to island, from harbor to harbor. Whether we venture out just for the day or stay out overnight, the wonders at of the natural environment encountered while cruising and the new discoveries made on reaching a destination can move us deeply.

Sport fishing

In North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, sport fishing from a boat is popular. Under the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rules set down to make the sport sound, sensible and disciplined, sport fishing is defined as catching fish using a rod, reel, line, and hook. While various fish are targeted in sport fishing, the big game species deemed most attractive is the marlin. When he was alive, Ernest Hemingway, one of America's most famous authors, regarded marlin fishing as a very exciting form of hunting akin to big game hunting. Hemingway incorporated game fishing into his lifestyle, often venturing out onto the wide blue ocean in his much-loved boat. Even if the target is not marlin, you cannot fully appreciate the satisfaction of matching your skills against a fish through a fishing line unless you’ve tried it. And with a boat, that pleasure is intensified.

Towing sports

A powerboat can be used to tow people on a variety of types of boards, floats or skies. Towing sports range widely from highly sporty forms like water skiing and wakeboarding to family-oriented activities like "banana boat" riding. Popular all over the world today is wakeboarding, which originated in Australia. While it superficially resembles water skiing, unlike water skiing, the rider stands sideways, like surfing. Compared to water skiing, wakeboarding allows more tricks and variations, and for that reason its popularity appears to be growing. While the towing can be done by a commercial operator, using one's own boat for the tow allows you to enjoy the sport in a more relaxed atmosphere with even more people.

Swimming & Snorkeling

Stop somewhere calm and quiet and put down the anchor. You now have your own private space out on the water. Out here you can simply enjoy a meal or refreshments, or go swimming and snorkeling. With a mask, snorkel, and fins, you enter a different world and have experiences that you could never have on land. It is a special privilege to encounter colorful coral and fish first hand. Don't just enjoy your travel destination; make the trip even more special with time on the water in a boat.

To be continued

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