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Feature THE YAMAHA ADVANTAGE Development Policy

Introducing Yamaha snowmobile development policy

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Development policy

Development policy

The form of evolution Yamaha strives for


When a world of snow and ice spreads out before you, it can make a human being feel pretty small. But soon the fascination of its beauty and its vastness makes us want to venture out and become absorbed in the enjoyment and wonder of nature. At Yamaha we build snowmobiles to make that dream come true. We believe our machines can help bring you the height of enjoyment and appreciation of the natural world.
Yamaha doesn't think of snowmobiles as machines for conquering the natural environment. Our ideal is a machine that lets you make friends and harmonize with winter's natural environment and all the different types of snow, temperatures, air pressures (altitudes) and landforms that make up its mix. That is why Yamaha has worked for over a decade to develop 4-stroke snowmobiles that offer the performance and reliability to take you through the variety of snow conditions, as well as the environment performance only a 4-stroke can offer to help preserve the environment.
At the same time, we are dedicated to building snowmobiles that are more compatible with you, the rider. That doesn't mean simply chasing higher and higher specs. We work to develop snowmobiles that are easier for real people to use, in drivability, handling and more. In recent years Yamaha has brought the great potential of electronic control systems to more aspects of snowmobile performance. The aim is to make the machine smarter in obeying your every command more faithfully and delivering the response and performance you hope for. Our aim is to develop the right fusion of analog and digital technology to bring you and the machine into closer harmony for a ride that brings greater excitement.
Ten years have passed since Yamaha released the first 4-stroke snowmobile, the RX-1 of 2002. Since then we have developed many innovative technologies. Together they make "THE YAMAHA ADVANTAGE" your ticket to unequalled experiences in the world of snow.

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