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The Yamaha booth at Tokyo Motor Show 2015 utilizes an "orchestra hall" as a motif for communication,
and features the concepts of harmony, motion, and the future.

A machine that resonates within you.
A machine that resonates together with you.
That is what Yamaha seeks to create.

Technology that resonates in tune with your perceptions, synchronizes with your heart and will, and brings the fun of riding to people in ways that can’t be predicted from just desktop numbers and data.

Moments when products seem to effortlessly transcend the limits of a machine, like when the finest instrument in the hands of a virtuoso begins to create magnificent music.

Machines that resonate and strike a vibrant chord in the hearts of each and every individual. Each radiates a uniqueness that rises together in harmony like an orchestra ― this is the moment when new Kando is born.

If Yamaha set out to built a sports car, what would its design be like? This sports car concept fuses quintessential sports car proportions with uniquely Yamaha ideas that draw on our specialties as a manufacture of various mobility products. The tangible design elements evocative of motorcycles throughout the car entice the driver to get behind the wheel.

A concept model for an authentic sports bike that offers suggestions
for a lifestyle shared with motorcycles.

Affinity with your bike only grows with the passage of time, and whether you are riding or simply gazing at the Resonator 125, if strikes an emotional chord. This road sports model was conceptualized as a fusion of the old and new.

Its sporty chassis was designed for qualities that stay true to the long-held Yamaha sport bike principles of lightweight, slimness and compactness and the model employs a new device for the instrument cluster. Furthermore, everything is melded together with the craftsmanship that goes into creating the finest musical instruments, something only Yamaha Motor can deliver thanks to the brand’s origin in the music industry.

The Resonator 125 is a machine that can bring great fun and satisfaction to people who have yet to fully discover the joys of motorcycling, as well as veterans who have owned a number bikes over the years.

Street Sports & Dirt Sports concept models for two-wheel electric vehicles

In addition to the characteristics unique to an electric motor, these two EV (electric vehicle) motorcycle concept models have an operational feel that will seem natural even to today's motorcycle enthusiasts and they achieve a new kind of riding experience that will inspire the Passion in riders. The Street sport "PES2" and Dirt sport "PED2" share a new power unit (Yamaha Smart Power Module) with a monocoque structure that also functions as the frame.

The "PES2" is an attempt to achieve a level of performance never before experienced in EV sports models, embracing the idea that future road sports bikes will offer the thrill of cutting through the air with the only the sound of the wind rushing by.

The "PED2" is an electric mountain trail bike developed around the theme of being at one with nature. Now you can take a trip into the forest without disrupting the serenity of the sounds of birds and the wind rustling the branches overhead, slipping through the woods accompanied only by the light hum from the motor of the PED2.

These two musical instruments are SILENT Cello™ and SILENT Violin™ that inherit the EV (electric vehicle) motorcycle concept model. In response to the clean and silent EV, these instruments have been given new forms.
Some parts have been retained for function and tradition. Others adapted with new technology. The clean and high-tech image of CMF (Colour Material Finish) has been applied to the pure contours of each instrument, balancing and refining the elements and bringing their essence to the surface.
These musical instruments apply the latest technology of a generation to continue their evolution.
(in cooperation with Design Laboratory Yamaha Corporation.)

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