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Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050

Introducing information concerning Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050

Details by Product

Specific measures aimed at 2025 milestone Electrification Alternative fuels Improved fuel efficiency Improved electricity costs Lighter weight Durability Recycling and rental
Sharing, etc.


  • - Expansion of fuel-efficient powertrains
  • - Lightweight frame technologies
  • - Lightweight tank technologies
Verification of next-generation services through partnership with motorcycle ride-hailing service company
lectrically power ssisted bicycles

Electrically power assisted bicycles

Improvement of battery unit efficiency (PW-X) Promoting shift to lightweight drive units Expansion of PASCRU sales package
Marine engines

Marine engines

Addition of compact electric models Improving thrust efficiency Expanding introduction of aluminum pontoons
  • - Verification of rebuilding
  • - Verification of rental and sharing services


Expanding installation of hybrid and electric motors Developing low-resistant hulls Lighter weight through infusion method Proactively using Japan Marine Industry Association’s recycling system
Expanding Sea-Style
Personal watercraft

Personal watercraft

  • - Improvement of superchargers
  • - Improvement of fuel combustion
  • - Improvement of jet pump efficiency
  • - Developing ultra-lightweight SMC
  • - Lightweight engine technologies
  • - Closed mold method
Expansion of Sea-Style
Industrial-use unmanned helicopters

Industrial-use unmanned helicopters

Expanding electric multi-rotors Expansion of opportunities to provide laborsaving and high efficiency multi-solutions
Land cars

Golf cars

Launch of testing of fuel cell vehicles Expanding models with improved fuel efficiency Promotion of mobility systems with low environmental impact Provision of last-mile solutions Expansion of rental plans
Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs

Higher efficiency motors, control circuits and drive systems Improvement of battery unit efficiency Investigation of new materials
Carbon and aluminum bolts
Single-rider mobility proposals
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